Decorating Dilemma: Everyone has them!

Where do I start?! Friday, after dropping the little one off at school, Kelly I made way to Morrisons for a good old full English breakfast. We then decided to have a trek over to B&M to see if there were any cheap desirables to suit the bedroom décor. There wasn’t anything which really caught our eye ‘home décor’ wise but I was amazed when I spotted a paste table on the top shelf hiding its price tag of only £9.99, just what we needed for when we got round to hanging the damask wallpaper. With all our little bits packed and paid for, we made way to B&Q.

Our next task was to find some paint, and boy did we mess up! We already had experience with Colours by B&Q paint but instead of looking through the colour chart, bearing in mind we were pushed for time due to the Birlea furniture being delivered between 11am and 2pm, we made the classic mistake of opting for a colour based on the colour of the paint we could see through the tub. The paint was on offer, 3 for 2, so we thought great stuff lets get a pot of paint for the spare bedroom whilst we’re here.

Arriving home with our decorating essentials, we emptied the whole of the master bedroom, and I began the task of painting the ceiling brilliant white. It wasn’t until the ceiling had dried and we cracked open the tub of silk paint that Kelly instantly took a dislike and stated that the paint was not going to go with the wallpaper, and she was right! With the atmosphere so tense that you could cut it with a knife, I opted to go to B&Q and exchange the paint. Next thing, the Birlea delivery guy rang my mobile stating he would be with us in 30mins – so we opted to stay put, get the furniture delivered and then both go to B&Q (to be continued…..)

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