Decorating Dilemma: Resolved!

After a few deep breaths, and the safe arrival of our Birlea furniture, Kelly and I made way to B&Q without our receipt, but with a roll of our damask paper to colour match with paint. When we arrived, I immediately made way to the till and explained we had bought the tub of Soft Sand paint in error, we had no receipt and that we wanted to buy two tubs of paint. The lady was nice and told us to pick the paint we wanted and she would exchange it.

With the earlier ordeal I collared someone from the paint department for some help in picking the correct paint. The lady had a few colours in mind and with colour matching the ‘colour chart’ squares with the damask paper, Kelly and I agreed that the Crown Wheatgrass was the ideal colour for our master bedroom. This colour was the exact same shade as the background colour of our damask paper, and it is luscious!

With our two tubs of crown paint, I realised that we could get a third tub free, so we decided on a huge tub of Crown white silk paint for our bathroom. When the till assistant scanned the three tubs of paint through the till, Kelly and I were not prepared for what happened next! The paint tub we first took back (technically our free tub as we had no receipt and had bought this paint via the 3 for 2 offer) was discounted from the over all total of the three paint tubs we had just bought, meaning in total we had bought six pots of paint for the price of three. We were extremely chuffed and wasted no time in getting home and painting the walls, and I have to say it looks stunning!

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