What makes curtains look good?

Where I live it’s hard to find a window with a decent set of curtains up. I mean, I often stroll from the bus after a hard days work thinking, is this the Bronx?!

If its not ‘make shift curtains’ up at windows, usually a cheap raggy sheet, covered in mould because the tenants haven’t got the motivation to open their window to let some air circulate, it’s nothing at all! I cannot imagine that their ways will ever rub off on me. Which is why for the time being our old blind has been placed back up at the window until we find worthy curtains to hang, and also until good old Trev finds the time to cut the brand new blind we bought from Dunelm Mill to size, then we’ll be all matching!

I had no alternative but to search Darlington town centre yesterday for a 90×72 pair of cream curtains, because unfortunately the £20 gorgeous 66×72 cream curtains with desirable eyelet top which we purchased from Primani (that’s Primark to all those who don’t know me) just did not look how we had hoped once we hung them on our brand new silver pole. To my further disappointment, nothing at all in town took my fancy. I had no option but to consult with Kelly regarding the matter. After a brainstorm via ‘O2’ Kelly realised that we already had a pair of luxurious 90×90 cream curtains tucked away somewhere in our home, obviously these would rest to the floor and the kitten would have a whale of a time, but I think that’s what makes curtains look good – striking, luxurious, full length curtains dressing your window with the intention to impress. Just an added bonus when you didn’t even realise you already had them!

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