Who needs a man with a van: To me, to you!

Another thing we’ve been up to over the Easter hols is that we have had a mega sort out in our spare bedroom! Kelly sold her two and three seater brown leather couches. This meant that we could finally bring my black leather corner sofa out of the spare room, as it’s been in storage for far too long.

The guy picked up the old 2+3 seater sofas and left us with a huge room to play with. Kelly and I couldn’t wait! We wasted no time in getting the empty room thoroughly cleaned through. Once we had ‘vacuum cleaned’ (cause Hoover is a brand name, as my father used to say) I spent ages in the spare bedroom removing the feet off the corner sofa with my trusty Phillips. Once they were off, we were good to go! There was quite a lot of ‘to me, to you’ going on, but us two girls managed – who needs a man with a van!? We placed the leather corner sofa down and I began the task of screwing the metal feet back on, what a chew on. Once we got the black swivel chair in, Kelly decided that the Samsung 37” LCD TV needed moving.

Finally, with everything in its place we could sit back, relax and enjoy the Easter hols. Until, I realised that the brown shabby rug we had down did not go as well with the new black seating. Brainstorm, Kelly realised we had a massive cream wool rug which would fill the floor space nicely – so off we went again, on another mission to transport the rug from storage at Kelly’s mums, to ‘the Bronx’ here up on yonder!

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