Darlington winner Grace Moulder bags £3,000 with her Dior interior designs!

Being from Darlington, I was immensely proud to see a young Darlington interior designer win the National Design Academy’s (NDA) prestigious competition. After a year of hard work, Grace Moulder’s creation was unveiled on 31st May 2012, and she was awarded £3,000 for her winning design.  There were over 500 entries and Grace Moulder, a Teesside University graduate, was picked to carry out the re-design of the rooms which are based in the River Crescent apartments in Nottingham.

The competition was to create a design for a £1m penthouse apartment, and this 22 year old certainly did this. Grace had £100,000 to spend on the apartments furnishings. Grace had a look around the other River Crescent apartments and noted that they were all based around famous designers such as Paul Smith, Chanel and Hugo Boss to name a few. Grace decided to base her interior design around Dior, using simple clear streamlines and a classic mineral colour palette, she stated.

Grace created a layout which had clearly defined zones, by using shapes and materials to mould them. She also used key focal points to draw people in with a bit of ‘wow’ factor. Here at Home Desirable we absolutely love the winning design!

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