neighbour from hell!

Hi guys, I know it has been a while – I have been VERY busy lately, but that’s no excuse! Anyways, since the Bank Holiday and Queens Jubilee, Kelly and I have had nothing but bother regarding our nightmare neighbour (I guess everyone has one, but this one takes the biscuit!) This factor has actually contributed in Kelly and I being desperate to move, so as a result we have spent days searching for that perfect home!

I was set on getting a lovely house on Mistral Drive in Darlington, but unfortunately there is a long viewing list – so chances are we would not have got it anyway! Plus, it was rather big for the pair of us, but I did actually think about this property this morning and I can’t help but picture Kelly and I living here peacefully with a tasteful décor throughout, foster kids, a lovely landscaped garden, the cats off itsapussycatslife sat on our window sill, a plain white Japanese Akita in the garden and that all important small family car sat on our drive – the perfect life if you ask me.

With the above dream down the swanny Kelly and I have found a perfect location, which for the time being I will be referring to as ‘TSL’ (Top Secret Location!) This property is an ideal location for Kelly’s bus route to work, and also I am still on good links to the office. We are actually going to visit this property over the weekend, so no doubt I will have lots to blog about! Until then, I hope you all enjoy your weekend.

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