Luxurious apartment: what a disappointment!

Well, as you will all know, Kelly and I recently ventured off ‘the Bronx’ to view that luxurious apartment I was blogging about. Here’s how it went!

First impressions were great; it was situated at the end of a lovely street which consisted of some huge privately owned houses. Kelly and I thought the apartment at the Gatehouse was going to meet all our expectations and more, but in true fashion we were highly disappointed! The main entrance to the apartments was drab, dull and very unappealing – but we thought it’s only the main entrance after all. We went through the front door of the apartment to find quite a wide space, which was something I wasn’t expecting. The carpet was filthy, but that’s nothing a rug doctor wouldn’t have sorted out. Straight away I noticed there was an alarm fitted, which I thought cool – as we haven’t got an alarm in our current flat. As we walked in to the living room I was gobsmacked at the size of the place. It had the same filthy carpet, but the size and potential of the room was awesome!

Sadly, as we entered the kitchen Kelly noted there was no window – which meant there’d be no chicken curry for us in a hurry! To my further disappointment, I walked in to the bedroom and was very disappointed at how tiny the main bedroom was. There was not a chance I was going to fit a king size bed in there, let alone anything else. Seriously, I am not exaggerating – the main bedroom was the size of a shoe box!

At this point, Kelly was well and truly heart broken and said there’s no point seeing the rest. I, however, wandered in to the second bedroom – which was actually no smaller than the main bedroom. I was not impressed. The bathroom however was lovely; all it needed was my OCD in there with a good old bottle of bleach!

Over all we were disappointed, and felt we had been mislead by the estate agents who claimed it was a ‘luxurious apartment’. Luckily for us, we’re like a rubber ball and bounce back – so today we are set to look at an apartment which I know is luxurious, as I have been to view it several years ago. My only hope is that its last tenants have treat the place with some TLC. I will keep you guys posted!

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