Things I Need Friday: Televisions

Recently Kelly and I have been looking around for a new TV for Jess’s room (our guest room). Unfortunately this kind of side tracked me in to looking at Televisions for our living room.

I have always been one with expensive taste, so much so that this Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay V1 TV, I just had to add it to my ‘Things I Need Friday’ list!

The B&O BeoPlay V1 Television can be placed in four different ways:

• Floor mounted
• Wall mounted
• Table mounted
• Hung from the ceiling (my favourite option!)

If I had this modern TV I would most definitely be anchoring it from the ceiling using anchors and wires – it looks AWESOME!

The BeoPlay V1 was created by designer Anders Hermansen, and what a great design it is! Features of the BeoPlay V1 include a powder coated steel cabinet which creates an industrial feel to the aesthetics. The BeoPlay V1 television has the ultimate in audio prowess, the stereo sound which comes out of BeoPlay V1 out-performs other conventional television speakers.

Available in 32” or 40 inch, aw well as black or white finish, the BeoPlay V1 television is breath taking! This desirable TV is modern, luxurious and certain to add an impact to any living space.

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