DO NOT leave the washer unattended!

Saturday was a bizarre experience! I had been rushing around with Kelly in the hope of buying a new wash basket for our bedroom. I love purchasing new things for our home, and a linen basket was a top priority.

We had already been down town for an eye test, and we had forgotten to buy a wash basket and had to come home as Ruebec (Kelly’s mam’s dog) was staying over. I felt it unfair to leave him for any lengthy time.

When we arrived home, we awaited Kelly’s mam returning from her short break. Ruebec was extremely excited, as we had told him his mum would be coming for him soon – god love him! Anyways to pass the time, Kelly and I began cleaning the full flat. We both have OCD, so as you can imagine this was a lengthy task. Kelly had put the washer on, and at this point it was almost on its final spin. I was in the bathroom with a cloth in one hand and bleach in the other. All of a sudden I heard a crash/ clattering sound, and I noticed our two cats scarper out from the kitchen. Kelly investigated and shouted, ‘MAM, the washer is on fire!’. Of course, her mam wasn’t in the flat – she meant to shout for me but was in so much shock and fear that she shouted for her mum (bless her). I dropped my cloth and bleach and ran in to the kitchen. The noise was horrendous! There was sparks inside the drum, and the Hotpoint washer machine had moved significantly out from the wall due to all the vibration. I was shocked and thought, ‘this thing is gonna burst into flames!’. I had no alternative but to switch the washer off at the wall – which luckily solved the problem!

We had to go out and buy a brand new washer, with delivery for Sunday – as the washer was out of warranty and we weren’t willing to be without a washing machine all weekend, plus neither of us could take time off work to await delivery through the week. We browsed Currys and Comet for their deals. In the end we took another trip across town and looked in store. We opted for this black 7kg washing machine. Although it isn’t Hotpoint like our old one, which actually lasted us years and served us well, it was a brand new washing machine which came with a manufacturers warranty. It was also well within our budget, and we both agreed it was the better buy out of any on the shop floor.

Kelly and I were both shook up by the ordeal. Imagine if we’d popped to our local shop? This incident could of been far worse! Has anything like this ever happened to you or anyone you know? We’re they as lucky as us?!

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