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The Super Sweet Blogging Award!

Well today has started off with a surprise! I checked my mail and was soon shocked to see that I had been nominated, by itsapussycatslife, for the Super Sweet Blogging Award!

The rules are:  The nominee has to thank the person that nominated them, answer the 5 Super Sweet Questions, and nominate a bakers dozen of other Super Sweet Bloggers.

Thank you very much itsapussycatslife! What a lovely honour, and total surprise!

And The Questions Are:

1. Cookies or Cake?
Tough one, but I’d say a huge slab of cake takes the biscuit on this one!

2. Chocolate or Vanilla?
Chocolate – Dairy Milk is my fave!

3. What is your favorite sweet treat?
Chocolate gateau with ice cream, nommy nommy!

4. When do you crave sweet things the most?
Erm, all the time!

5. If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?
Grande Choco Fudge Muncher!

My Nominees:

Frosting & Filigree

Morceau de Gateau

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Hana & George

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The Blend

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Kai Kristiansen: FM Reolsystem

Kai Kristiansen is a designer who’s work represents examples of Danish mid twentieth century furniture. Kai Kristiansen designed everything from tables, writing desks, sideboards, chairs, tv stands and bar cabinets. Kai Kristiansen’s furniture was mostly manufactured in teak or rosewood.

One of Kai Kristiansen’s most famous designs is the FM Reolsystem, a shelving system which was designed to offer maximum flexibility with endless possibilities to combine wall mounted shelves and cabinets to fit any wall in any home.

The simple use of metal bars which fix to the wall, and use of desirable wood looks amazing on these wall shelves.

Overall the whole wall unit looks extremely designer.  The use of straight clean lines and wood finish is gorgeous.  This wall storage system is definitely the type of storage system I would have in my living space – its retro appeal is just fabulous!

(Pictures courtesy of Decopedia)

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Benjamin Hubert Spinning Light BH2

One of Britain’s most awarded young designers, Benjamin Hubert has already received the Elle Decor’s Award for Designer of the Year.

Not only has the designer Benjamin Hubert been exhibited internationally, he has also been given numerous prestigious awards which include Design of the Year (British Design Awards 2010), EDIDA International Young Designer of the Year 2010, Homes and Gardens Young Designer of the Year (Design Classic Awards 2010), and many more.

Benjamin Hubert is the designer of the Float Light, Spinning Light BH2, Spinning Light BH1 and Chimney Light.  Here at Home Desirable, we favour the Spinning Light BH2 undoubtedly.  Available in a variety of colours which include black, white and purple, the Benjamin Hubert Spinning Light BH2 is sure to bring wow factor to your designer living space.

We love the clean curved shape pendant, and the long ceiling wire attachment – which makes these modern pendant ceiling lights look like they just poured down from the ceiling in style.

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The Konnex Shelving System

The Konnex Shelving System is perfect for individuals who like to shape and organise their environment.

Designed by Florian Gross, the Konnex Shelfing System is an innovative design which is created by connecting cubed shelves together – creating the Konnex Shelving System.  The Konnex Shelving storage unit comes with three cube storage boxes.  The dimensions are as follows:

  • Small box:  L: 312 x W: 312 x D: 312
  • Medium box: L: 414 x W: 414 x D: 312
  • Large box:  L: 516 x W: 516 x D: 312

This shelving design is so cool. With a number of comb like slits around each cubed shelving component, more Konnex shelves can be added to create bigger and bolder storage space, as shown in the image above.

What do you guys think of the Konnex shelf system?  We absolutely love them here at Home Desirable!

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Top tip: lining walls before you paint

Tired of shabby finish walls, and haven’t got the funds available to have your walls plastered! Ever thought of having your walls lined with lining paper?

I love lining paper! It leaves your walls looking smooth as anything. If applied correctly, you can’t even see the joins. Lining a wall creates an awesome blank canvas, and it is the perfect preparation step to take before painting them unsightly looking walls.

I have actually seen a professional decorator use lining paper in one of my childhood family homes (emphasis on ‘one of’, as we moved house at least twice a year!). As a child I asked the guy, “why on earth do you apply it vertically across the wall, instead of horizontally like normal wallpaper?”. He replied, “Because it’s lining paper”, and that was the end of that chat.

Needless to say, the walls, once lined, looked amazing. The paint went on a treat, and the finished result to the periodic built room was sensational! I would highly recommend the use of lining paper, which is available in various grades. Ask in your local DIY store if your unsure of which grade to use. In our old family home we used grade 1400, and it gave perfect results.

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Painting tip: petroleum jelly

After watching a recent episode of Super Scrimpers, I heard about a great painting tip!

Everyone knows that paint can be a nightmare to wash off when it dries on your hands. Gloss is even harder to get off your skin! This tip I learned is supposedly the end to all of the above. According to Super Scrimpers painting tips, if you cover the backs of your hands with a thin layer of petroleum jelly it acts as a barrier and deters any excess paint from drying on to your skin – perfect solution right!?

I’m yet to try this method, in theory it will definitely work. However, I imagine that if you over do the application of petroleum jelly then the paint brush will possibly slip across your skin when you are applying paint or gloss.

Have any of you guys tried this method? Did it work!?

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Things I need Friday: To win the Euro Millions!

One of my biggest dreams is to live in a castle conversion. I love this castle, which I would love to convert in to a grand home – kitted out with luxurious décor of course!

Above is the Ruperra Castle, which is located in Newport, Gwent. Ruperra Castle is a Grade I listed building and Scheduled Ancient Monument. According to my research, Ruperra Castle was built in 1626 by Sir Thomas Morgan, who was Steward to the Earl of Pembroke. Ruperra Castle has played host to royalty, King Charles I stayed at Ruperra Castle in 1645 – shortly after the Battle of Naseby.

Unfortunately, this huge property has been left to the elements and has fallen in to a derelict state. According to my resources, the Ruperra Castle was actually gutted in a fire while British soldiers were stationed there.

This fabulous property comprises of a Grade I listed castle (which requires total renovation – hence me needing to win the Euro Millions), a house, a substantial stable block and around 14 acres plus of land.

I would snap this property up in no time if I had the funds to see the renovation through. I love the fact it is a substantial property, with a vast array to offer. The stables (pictured below) are fantastic – although I have always wanted my own cattery (or rescue centre for cats or dogs), so I guess they would have to go – or I could just get a few Unicorns, seen as it’s my dream!

See below for numerous other pictures of this fantastic property.



Have any of you guys got any BIG home renovation dreams?  Feel free to share!

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Ice-Clock Review

So my brother owns a watch company, and I have a thing for clocks!

I was impressed when I seen that Ice-Watch had sent my brothers office an impressive stylish wall clock. Of course, I wasted no time in un-boxing it and setting it up. My first challenge was to find a battery, which didn’t actually prove as difficult as I initially thought.

The Ice-Clock takes one AA battery (which is not included), and is very easy to set up. My excitement rose when I seen that the Ice Clock was ‘Radio Controlled’, I couldn’t wait to get stuck in setting the time! There two different versions available for the Ice-Clock, the WWVB – America version and the UK – MSF/ Germany – DCF/ Japan – JJY model. Obviously, being in the UK we had been given the UK model.

I believe the American model has added features, such as daylight saving time switch and P.M.C.E time zone switch, whereas the other models are pretty much standard. There are three buttons on the reverse of the UK Ice-Clock. These buttons are very clearly marked. M-Set is the manual set button, Rec is the radio controlled button and the red button, which says ‘reset’ above it, is the reset button.


(Pictured above is the instruction manual)

Using the Rec button enables the radio controlled feature to activate. Once pressed the second hand sweeps around the clock face at a faster than usual pace and the minute and hour hands begin to move also. This function is designed to use radio waves to automatically set the clock to the current time – it is accurate to one second in one million years and never needs adjusting. NOTE: do not attempt to use the radio controlled functionality if you are close to electrical equipment, or appliances, as it may not work correctly due to interference. The radio controlled functionality on the ICE-Watch clock face works best when stood setting the clock next to a window.

In my case, I was sat next to my computer trying to automatically set the clock via the radio controlled functionality. The clock didn’t set and just went straight back to 12 o’clock – due to the interference from my PC. I decided to manually set it, which is done by pressing and holding the M-Set button.

Once the clock was set, I wasted no time clicking the back cover over the battery housing and hanging it on the office wall.


(My apologies for the poor picture quality – the office has them stupidly bright strip lights, which has caused glare!)

It looks fantastic! It’s a real focal point on the wall. In the style of Ice Watches Black Sili Forever, this XXL Radio-Controlled Ice-Clock is a must have for any home or office! Available sometime in 2012, these Ice Watch clocks are available in various bold colours and also as an Ice-Clock alarm clock – a stylish must have for any teens, or modern, bedroom.


I think the other colours available within the Ice-Clock Range (pictured below) are awesome!  What do you guys think?

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DIY Log Cabins

With all this hot weather we’re having later (in dribs and drabs over in the UK) I thought I’d take this opportunity to tell you guys all about my mums log cabin. My mother’s log cabin is a great outdoor building. It was built from scratch by her partner, Tommy. Tommy is great when it comes to building stuff out of wood – he aint so good at simple DIY jobs though.

This project took Tommy months, due to him working full-time and building the cabin in his spare time – weather permitting, seen as we’re in the North East of England! The whole point of building the log cabin was to enable my mum and Tommy to have their own bar in their own garden – great idea!

Once the cabin was finished, my mum wasted no time in advising Tommy that she wanted seats over there, decking over there and the bar area there. Tommy did a grand job meeting up to my mum’s expectations on this project.

(Pictured above is the seating area before my mum decided on cushions – notice that the seats lift up?? Perfect for storing drinks in!)

The bar, which has yet to be fully stained due to the wood needing to breathe for a period of time, looks fantastic and makes a great outdoor space for entertaining all guests. My mum had actually gotten the idea of a garden log cabin from the Billyoh cabins which are available – Tommy just thought he’d build it himself from scratch, as he knew the wood he used would be better than any multi-manufactured timber.

(Above is a front view of how the log cabin looks)

I think Tommy did an excellent job building this place, which is named the ‘Cost-a-Bomb’.

(I love this Costabomb door plaque, it is so convenient!  My mum and Tommy found this abroad)

The interior is great with the cushioned seating area, it looks very bar like with the striped design.

The bar area itself looks awesome with its lighting and shelves kitted out to make the place feel like a proper bar area.

The two French doors are beautiful and the windows to match are stunning.

(I especially love the detail which went in to making this log cabin feel like a retreat, the beamed ceiling is perfect!)

The fact that the mature garden is visible from all angles of the bar makes this place desirable!

The overall interior of this place is great, and it makes a fantastic outdoor space for partying those summer nights a way.

The overall finish of the place is outstanding considering one guy and his tools built this place!  Wouldn’t you agree?

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Is your house haunted!?

If you’re like Kelly and I, then you’re probably thinking ‘was that paranormal activity’ that just happened?! Kelly and I seem to have weird goings on in our house, quite regularly. However, neither of us are actually 100% convinced that their actually is a ghost – despite light bulbs being removed from their fittings every now and then.

Other things which have been unexplainable in our home include why on earth the storage heaters turn themselves off at the switch (even though I have OCD and check that they’re ‘definitely’ on before going to bed).  Also we encounter the sound of banging – which could be the neighbour above (even though it sounds like its from another room of our house), as we do live in a flat!) Also, we have both heard something in the cat litter, despite both our cats being sat next to us (personally, I like to think that this is our late cat popping down to let us know she is here with us). At the moment, I am yet to believe my home is haunted!

I’m not suggesting ghosts, demons and so on don’t exist – maybe they do! I read about a housing development in Taipei, Taiwan, where these fabulous 80’s retro houses are built. They look fantastic, and boast futuristic design – despite being built years ago! I read that these peculiar looking homes were ‘supposedly’ causing mysterious deaths during construction, so the developers decided to quit building these homes. Apparently the land which these homes are built on is haunted!

These San Zhi haunted houses were designed and built with the purpose of becoming homes to the rich. I reckon these fantastic ‘the Jetsons style’ futuristic domed shape homes would have been fantastic to live in. Imagine a round bed in the master bedroom – it would make the room seem even more circular!

As you can see from the pictures, which I borrowed from here and here, these unusual houses have been left abandoned and unfinished. These homes appear to look very eerie and spooky. I’m definitely going to have to visit this place sometime, I find it fascinating and intriguing.

What do you think of these cool homes? Wouldn’t you just love to own one of these? – spooked or not spooked!

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