Is your house haunted!?

If you’re like Kelly and I, then you’re probably thinking ‘was that paranormal activity’ that just happened?! Kelly and I seem to have weird goings on in our house, quite regularly. However, neither of us are actually 100% convinced that their actually is a ghost – despite light bulbs being removed from their fittings every now and then.

Other things which have been unexplainable in our home include why on earth the storage heaters turn themselves off at the switch (even though I have OCD and check that they’re ‘definitely’ on before going to bed).  Also we encounter the sound of banging – which could be the neighbour above (even though it sounds like its from another room of our house), as we do live in a flat!) Also, we have both heard something in the cat litter, despite both our cats being sat next to us (personally, I like to think that this is our late cat popping down to let us know she is here with us). At the moment, I am yet to believe my home is haunted!

I’m not suggesting ghosts, demons and so on don’t exist – maybe they do! I read about a housing development in Taipei, Taiwan, where these fabulous 80’s retro houses are built. They look fantastic, and boast futuristic design – despite being built years ago! I read that these peculiar looking homes were ‘supposedly’ causing mysterious deaths during construction, so the developers decided to quit building these homes. Apparently the land which these homes are built on is haunted!

These San Zhi haunted houses were designed and built with the purpose of becoming homes to the rich. I reckon these fantastic ‘the Jetsons style’ futuristic domed shape homes would have been fantastic to live in. Imagine a round bed in the master bedroom – it would make the room seem even more circular!

As you can see from the pictures, which I borrowed from here and here, these unusual houses have been left abandoned and unfinished. These homes appear to look very eerie and spooky. I’m definitely going to have to visit this place sometime, I find it fascinating and intriguing.

What do you think of these cool homes? Wouldn’t you just love to own one of these? – spooked or not spooked!

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