DIY Log Cabins

With all this hot weather we’re having later (in dribs and drabs over in the UK) I thought I’d take this opportunity to tell you guys all about my mums log cabin. My mother’s log cabin is a great outdoor building. It was built from scratch by her partner, Tommy. Tommy is great when it comes to building stuff out of wood – he aint so good at simple DIY jobs though.

This project took Tommy months, due to him working full-time and building the cabin in his spare time – weather permitting, seen as we’re in the North East of England! The whole point of building the log cabin was to enable my mum and Tommy to have their own bar in their own garden – great idea!

Once the cabin was finished, my mum wasted no time in advising Tommy that she wanted seats over there, decking over there and the bar area there. Tommy did a grand job meeting up to my mum’s expectations on this project.

(Pictured above is the seating area before my mum decided on cushions – notice that the seats lift up?? Perfect for storing drinks in!)

The bar, which has yet to be fully stained due to the wood needing to breathe for a period of time, looks fantastic and makes a great outdoor space for entertaining all guests. My mum had actually gotten the idea of a garden log cabin from the Billyoh cabins which are available – Tommy just thought he’d build it himself from scratch, as he knew the wood he used would be better than any multi-manufactured timber.

(Above is a front view of how the log cabin looks)

I think Tommy did an excellent job building this place, which is named the ‘Cost-a-Bomb’.

(I love this Costabomb door plaque, it is so convenient!  My mum and Tommy found this abroad)

The interior is great with the cushioned seating area, it looks very bar like with the striped design.

The bar area itself looks awesome with its lighting and shelves kitted out to make the place feel like a proper bar area.

The two French doors are beautiful and the windows to match are stunning.

(I especially love the detail which went in to making this log cabin feel like a retreat, the beamed ceiling is perfect!)

The fact that the mature garden is visible from all angles of the bar makes this place desirable!

The overall interior of this place is great, and it makes a fantastic outdoor space for partying those summer nights a way.

The overall finish of the place is outstanding considering one guy and his tools built this place!  Wouldn’t you agree?

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