Turps at the ready!

Hi guys, today is just a quick post to let you all catch a glimpse of what i’ve been up to!


That’s right guys, I have been on my hands and knees taking up those cheap black vinyl self adhesive floor tiles! It has been a demanding task, but luckily for me we had some turps substitute under the kitchen sink. Remember to take care when using substances like turps, they can be leathel (according to the pics on the bottle!).


Basically, Kelly and I are planning to redecorate the bathroom – hence me taking up all the floor tiles (Kelly is working overtime, so I’m on my own carrying out the task). This is how far I have got so far – bearing in mind I am using turps and the fumes are crazy (ALWAYS wear a face mask!).


The task itself has been quite entertaining. I mean, I have OCD and I like to be fully prepped and checked before I start such a task – unfortunately I could not find a ‘paper scraper’, which would of made life easier with regards to removing the floor tiles. Instead I have been managing with a butter knife – which actually does the job very effectively!

To remove the sticky adhesive from the floor I have been using a small dab of turps and a cloth. Once I have finished a reasonably sized area, I have cleaned off all turps from the floor using boiling hot water and a clean cloth (Please Note: wear marigold gloves when using hot water!). I have then used fresh hot water, and neat Cif cleaner (or Jif, whatever you wanna call it!) and another fresh cloth to make double sure that all turps and adhesive is removed.

It’s a long ended task but I’d rather the job be done properly, than be left with sticky horrid adhesive all over our floor – like the picture below!


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