Installing the new electric cooker!

Hey everyone! Just a quick blog to let you guys know that our brand new Beko black cooker arrived safe and sound!

Isn’t she AWESOME!?


The driver actually called me stating he’d be arriving with our electric cooker within the hour! This was on Saturday – when I was ripping up self-adhesive floor tiles in the bathroom.

The cooker arrived and Trev popped around to make it fit the cooker gap in our kitchen, and obviously install it. Trev wasted no time turning the electric off for the cooker at the mains and uninstalling the old cooker. If your unsure how to do this – get a professional in! Most shops offer an installation service, but at £50 extra Kelly and I didn’t see the need as Trev is good at all that electrical stuff – plus he’s ‘free’. Once the old cooker was removed, Trev and I carried the new one to its new home. Trev checked it was going to fit, and then connected it up to the cooker wire. Once connected, we slid the cooker in to its home and Trev re-armed the electrics at the mains. We checked the cooker worked by running through all the controls – job jobbed!

In the end, Trev did a great job – the cooker looks amazing, and looks well with our other black kitchen appliances (excluding the old fridge freezer!) – wouldn’t you agree?!


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