Bathroom decorating: done and dusted!

So over the weekend Kelly and I managed to decorate our bathroom. Decorating a bathroom can be quite tricky at times due to all the edging, which takes time.

I always feel when decorating a room (any room) it’s a good idea to strip the room of everything – if possible! In our bathroom I wasted no time removing all the bathroom fixtures, such as the glass shelf, towel rail, toilet roll holder, and so on. Once all the stainless steel bathroom fittings were removed I removed all the wall plugs and Kelly filled in every hole with Pollyfiller – as we have brand new fixtures. I always like to Decorators Chaulk all edges before we paint any room, as it gives a neat edge and the finish looks far better. With this in mind I went a little OCD with the Decorators Chaulk – oh well! There was one problem area of the bathroom which needed slight attention. The area had a gaping hole where the pipes came out from the wooden ledge we have under the sink. I had no alternative but to pack the hole with paper before filling it with Pollyfiller. Once this was done, it was then time to apply the paint.


Seen as we have a narrow bathroom, Kelly took on the roll of painting the walls, as well as edging. I observed and helped where needed – mainly holding the paint tray or passing up the roller!

With the walls painted and everywhere glossed it was time to shop for flooring.

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