The Croft-Bakers: Double Your House for Half the Money


After watching Channel 4’s Double Your House for Half the Money episode 2, presented by Sarah Beeny, I fell in love with the Croft-Baker’s home. This house features one of the most luxurious finishes Home Desirable has ever seen on TV.

The master bedroom is breath taking, with its combination of light greys and duck egg blue. We love the use of colour and those luxurious blinds.

Double Your Home for Half the Money have even surprised the kids with a fantastic bedroom makeover, whilst in the rear garden they have offered every kids dream – their very own slide! This garden is fantastic with its lawn area, wooden fencing and children’s slide, we just love it.

The kitchen is fantastic with its white gloss finish doors, wooden work bench area and use of bold green colour. The transparent bar stools are a big hit with us.

We especially love the open plan kind of feel to the kitchen, dining and lounge area. The light pouring in through those patio doors makes this room a relaxing place in our opinion.

What do you guys think to the over all design of this property? Has this place inspired you to treat your kids to a must have garden slide? Feel free to post comments below.


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4 thoughts on “The Croft-Bakers: Double Your House for Half the Money

  1. Betheratgirl says:

    The lack of stuff on the walls makes it feel a little bare, but it kind-of suits the mood of the house- I think it would proably feel pretty relaxing to actually be in the space.

    • Hey Betheratgirl, my apologies for not replying sooner (i have been a very bad blogger and have been out of the country with no web access, hehe) … I agree with the lack of wall stuff, and yes it does suit the mood of the house. I love the clean feel it gives with the white walls and the use of simple vibrant colour here and there (ie the kitchen blinds and the flower arrangement on the table)… The bedroom for me looks beautiful and I just adore the colours used in there. 🙂

      • Betheratgirl says:

        It’s all good! Sometimes it’s nice to get a way for a while & rest the eyes aways from a computer screen 🙂

        The colours really make a statement- even the wood is contributing. I do think it would be really difficult to keep one’s belongings so perfectly in order (I’m a real pack rat, myself). I really admire people who can do it, though- the calm feeling is probably worth the effort!

  2. It certainly is good to have a little break once in a while! 🙂 … the colours are great, and yes your right about keeping everything so perfectly in order being difficult. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending how u look at it) I have OCD, so everything in our household (especially the fridge and under sink storage cupboard) is in a specific order 😛 … my friends take the mick, but everyone is different I suppose hehe 😛

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