Halloween Themed Houses!

So guys, with Halloween 2012 fast approaching I thought what better chance than to show off my favourite Halloween decorated homes – ooooh, scary!

Firstly, to all my American followers, I would like to congratulate you and point out that no-one decorates a home quite like an American. I mean, you Americans always go one better and take festivity decorating to the extreme – and here at Home Desirable we love that!

Over in the UK, especially in my local neighbourhood, there always seems to be the appearance of lightless houses. Now I’m not quite sure if that’s because us Northerners are tight with our candy, or if we fear Halloweeners are going to harm us with their prop knives?

Anyways, after a while of searching Google images, I came across one UK home which puts the rest of us Brits to shame – Home Desirable was greatly impressed with this fantastic Halloween themed home, decorated to the max like a scene off some scary box office movie!

Any of you lovely bloggers go all out on Hallows Eve? Oh, please do tell!

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5 thoughts on “Halloween Themed Houses!

  1. Andrea Kelly says:

    Wow, how fun are these houses??

    I certainly don’t take decorating to that extreme (if only because decorations can be expensive!) but I always add something new to the collection every year – this Halloween the house is looking more festive than ever 🙂 I plan on posting some pictures next week, I’ll be sure to share the link with you!

    • Morning Andrea… These houses certainly are fun – and very scary! If I was a child trick or treating down the streets of these homes I think I’d walk passed – too scary for me! … I can’t wait to see your pics, I’ll be sure to check your blog out once you put your post live… I’ve always said to Kelly that when we have our very own house that I would love to decorate it and put a Freddy Krueger in the garden, (or a Michael Myers) … I love Halloween! 🙂

      • Andrea Kelly says:

        Oh I agree, I would have been so intimidated by those houses as a kid, as well! But now I think they’re tons of fun 🙂 Freddy Krueger would be way more original than any old scarecrow! Halloween really is a great time. I’ll be sure to share the link with you when I post the pics!

      • Thanks, and yep scarecrows are sooo old skool 🙂

  2. Andrea Kelly says:

    They really are! (Although I still have one by the front door…couldn’t resist him on sale!)
    And here’s the link: http://thehandwrittenlife.wordpress.com/2012/10/22/a-halloween-haunt/
    There are even more pictures on my facebook page (there’s a link to that in the blog post itself) I hope you enjoy them 🙂

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