Top Finds: 1960’s cushion!

Well today we’ve been looking for those must have fabric cushions. I love anything that is different, or none reproduction. When we came across these fabulous 14 inch 1960 fabric cushion covers you could imagine our excitement!


We thought wow, they’d be perfect for any charcoal/ grey themed room. With a fabulous tree design and finished professionally to the highest of standards, these original 1960’s cushion covers are simply luxurious. With only three of these original retro cushions available, we’re certain these will be snapped up soon. The desirable finish, overlocked seams and zip to the bottom, along with the professional seamstress finish make these cushions one of our favourite accessories.

With a wide variety of wallpapers from the likes of Laura Ashley, Arthouse, Prestigious and so on which would compliment these fantastic retro cushions a treat, these beauties are a steal – and so unique. Available at Johnny Moustache now.

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4 thoughts on “Top Finds: 1960’s cushion!

  1. Sheesh, I had floor-to-ceiling drapes very much like this in the early 70s!!

  2. For that language barrier thing: over here drapes are what you would call curtains. They went across the living room (lounge) windows. My husband at the time fell in love with the fabric and sewed them himself, chuckle chuckle. We had a portable sewing machine back then and it worked fine for him. It saw me coming and seized up. Literally. Anyway Elle, love this pattern.

    • Hi Maura, yes we call drapes curtains … Or as I often say ‘window clothes’ hehe… I’m hoping Santa will bring me a sewing machine this Xmas, however she probably won’t as I’d be obsessed with sewing lol! The fabric and design is great, I love these cushions – unfortunately I never had the privilege to experience 70’s designs and patterns, let alone 60’s designs 😦

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