Ice-Watch brings out Ice-Phone!

Following on from Ice-Clock, have you guys seen the brand new Ice-Phone which is due to hit the UK in November? Tic Watches are going to have the Ice Phone available in the Ice-Watch department. How do I know this? Because I just do! As soon as I get my hands on these amazing iPhone accessories, I will be doing an in depth review.

Until then… you guys will just have to admire these awesome mobile phone accessories from the picture above.


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2 thoughts on “Ice-Watch brings out Ice-Phone!

  1. You Mac/Apple fanatics crack me up. Always looking for that latest-better-more. The only Apple product I own is iTunes for my PC and it’s nothing but trouble! Signed, Diehard PC Girl

    • Lol Maura, this made me chuckle. I’m no good when it comes to I-Tunes, every single time I sync my phone or iPod I end up with either totally random songs or ‘no’ songs by the time I’m finished! I can’t wait to sport one of these ice phones though – I believe the cord and ear-piece detach and plug into your iPhone meaning you certainly draw attention when out in a crowd answering your phone… Kelly will absolutely not want to be seen in public with me if I sport one of these, but I don’t care… If Jamie-lee Curtis can sport one, so can I lol! … I’m thinking of a grey one as it’ll match our new front room – as we are re-decorating in the new year! 😀

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