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Ice-Clock Alarm Clocks: Review!

How super cool are these little beauties? We will definitely be getting one of these for our guest bedroom. The white Ice Clock with alarm is awesome and super trendy – wouldn’t you agree?

Featuring a 14.5cm diameter with 4.5cm depth, these designer alarm clocks are rather cute.  The IAF.WE white Ice alarm clock is manufactured in keeping with the classic Ice-Watch design.  This alarm clock features a stainless steel pull out stand to the reverse, analogue display and a snooze button.  The clock also features a backlight which is activated by pressing and holding the snooze button, as well as that all important alarm feature which is activated/ deactivated by twisting the crown to the on/ off position.  The white Ice-Watch alarm clock is like no other alarm clock we have seen before.  The Ice alarm clocks benefit from three-hand Quartz movement, with the second hand sweeping continuously around the face and offering silent movement.  Ice Clock alarm clocks are the latest bedside accessory, which can be wall mounted if preferred.  The Ice-Clock Alarm Clock Collection is available in a variety of ten colours, and comes in official Ice-Clock packaging, with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

What are your thoughts on these fantastic designer clocks? – feel free to like, comment and share!

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Ice-Phone: for retro style!

Remember that Ice-Watch Phone I was telling you guys about? Well I finally got my hands on the Ice-Phone IPF.SR silver Ice Phone! Kelly and I are planning on decorating our living room in the New Year, so I haven’t quite got around to taking it out of its box. The décor we have decided on so far is going to be charcoal grey with mustard – I can’t wait to see how it will look in our newly decorated lounge.

I have had a play around with one of these Ice Phones (the IPF.YW to be precise), which are flying out the office at my day job due to popular demand. I love the choice of colours, as well as the fact that they are bold and create a statement retro look. The Ice Phone is available in red, black, white, yellow, silver (grey), pink, green, pink, orange and purple. The Ice-Watch phone is compatible with most devices. Such devices include Apple iPad, Tablets, iPhones, Smartphones, laptops and Blackberry phones, and so on.  Ice-Phone even turns your PC in to a Skype phone, how cool is that? For devices which don’t have a 3.5mm jack, you can purchase the appropriate adaptor separately, ensuring you get the most out of your must have mobile phone accessory.

So let’s have an in depth look at the Ice Phone. First off the Ice Phone looks visually pleasing with its bold matt colour. The Ice Phone is durable and light, and comes complete with matching coloured stand.

The stand accommodates most mobile phones and features a cut out slot at the back of the stand, which can accommodate phone charging whilst the phone is docked on the stand – obviously using your existing phone charger.

The Ice Phone is constructed out of some form of coated plastic, which gives the feel of soft touch silicone. I have to admit, the finish of the Ice Phone is awesome. The handset features a cord which is plugged in to your mobile phone via the headphone jack. The handset itself is of a retro design and features a push button which allows you to answer/ hang up/ mute the phone, without needing to touch the mobile phone – pretty awesome huh?

Although the Ice Phone can be used in the style of a retro traditional phone, it is also portable.  The Ice-Phone handset can be carried around anywhere. Using the Ice Phone handset on the go helps eliminate almost 100% of radiation to your brain.  Check out some celebrities below who are already using their Ice Phone style mobile phone accessories.

The Ice-Phone is manufactured to an extremely high standard, with attention to detail. Designed and manufactured by Ice-Watch, the Ice Phone is becoming a very popular choice amongst Ice-Watch fans, especially those individuals who love to accessorise their trendy style that one step further.  Ice-Phone is available from many stores but I purchased my grey Ice Phone IPF.SR from Tic Watches, official UK stockists of Ice-Phone. The Ice Phone comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty and has a price tag of around £30.

Happy shopping my lovely blogging friends, feel free to share, like and comment!

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SLCNG Residents Award Winner!

Well guys, today I have some fabulous news! Kelly and I have received a commendation award from the SLCNG Awards 2012, due to our bravery and courage in tackling anti-social behaviour.

Kelly and I live on, what used to be, a rough estate. Before Kelly and I moved in together, we had separate flats – both ground floor. Over two years ago, Kelly had just come out of hospital due to a health condition which affects her legs, back and hips. Anyways, to cut a long story short, Kelly had undergone surgery and was in recovery mode. It was midnight on a Saturday night and we were both in my flat aware of a party which had just begun in the upstairs flat above us. We tried to get back to sleep, but it was impossible!

At around 5.15am (Sunday morning) we heard an extremely loud bang. I jumped up to investigate, as it sounded like the noise had come from my living room! I peered out of the window and I couldn’t believe what I witnessed next. A male from the flat above jumped out of the upstairs window and landed in the bush next to my patio. I opened my window and said, “What on earth are you doing?!” He bellowed a whole load of abuse at me telling me to shut up and stated that I was a ‘fat cow’. I was fuming, and made my way to my front door as I knew this male would wander passed – plus, that was the only door with any keys in!

As I made my way to the front entrance, Kelly hobbled in front of me asking what was going on. I replied telling her some lunatic had jumped out the window. I then opened my front door and found a female banging on my upstair neighbours front door shouting for her to let her in. I asked her to keep the noise down and to advise her friend to turn the music down. She got irate with me and shouted abuse at me. She then ended up in my front passage way and in the light I could see that she had been sniffing some form of drug! Wary that my Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Diesel (who was just a kitten at the time) were in my home, my main concern was to remove this drugged up lunatic from my home! I opened the front door, at which point two or three males were kicking, and I ushered the female out of my premises.

Upon removing the female from my premises, she grabbed my hair and as I was wearing my pyjamas I held on to my vest top as I was aware that there was numerous males around – and I didn’t want anyone seeing my personal body parts! My head was pulled over and I was aware that a knee was about to hit me in the face, so I decided rather than end up with a broken nose that I would tuck my chin down to my chest. On doing this the female brought her knee up and kneed me in the eye. I was then kicked by one of the males.

I remember feeling warm and tingly in the area to which I was struck. I knew I had blood dripping down my face because Kelly was insisting on us going to the hospital. I told Kelly I was fine, and I advised her to grab my phone and ring for the police.

The police arrived, along with an ambulance. The female was shouting, “Oh got yourself an ambulance to make it look worse?!” She was also stating, “Ring 01325 (and so on), that’s the number of my solicitor, he’ll sort this!” I immediately thought, ‘well you’ve been in trouble with the law previously’. I made my way to the ambulance fearful of what may happen to our beloved pets, who were at this point ‘home alone’.

As I got to hospital, I was assessed and ended up having around six stitches. These were only butterfly stitches, but they were still stitches! Anyways, I also suffered concussion, lost my job and have a permanent scar.

(Please excuse the facial expression – I was trying to make a joke out of the situation amongst friends!)

As a result of the incident, I took the female to court and she received a fine as well as a criminal record. My neighbour who lived above me also received a two year noise prevention asbo type thing – she later moved out. And I received £1,500 compensation for my injuries, along with a total of £250.00 which was paid monthly by the perpetrator.


Kelly and I were both shook up by the ordeal and we were not prepared to let anyone else off our estate spoil the fully furnished flats we had worked so hard for! I later moved in with Kelly and needless to say, we went on to have around five more individuals evicted and dealt with via a behavioural agreement enforced via the courts.

With all the hard work we had put in to keeping our home and surrounding area a peaceful and relaxing place, we were finally rewarded with a curved glass plague from the SLCNG Award 2012 in Birmingham, Solihull. Anti-social behaviour is not acceptable. Individuals causing anti-social behaviour should be reported to the police! Don't suffer in silence, enjoy your home and stamp out anti-social behaviour – we did! 🙂


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Grand Designs Huf Haus!

Grand designs has always been one of my favourite home development TV shows. I always get a rush of sudden excitement when I see the show is about to start.

One of my favourite episodes featured a home which was built to be Eco friendly – it was awesome! If I remember correctly, they had volunteers come from all over to help on their self build project. I’m almost certain that this episode featured the use of car tyres within the construction.  Oh, actually it definitely did – see for yourself below!  For more pictures visit the Brittany House gallery

Another episode which springs to mind is the episode featuring the Huf Haus. These kit houses are manufactured in Germany, and a team of German men come over to build the house, which takes them just seven days! Huf Haus is a spectacular design home, which is unique to fit your individual requirements. Every socket and light switch is pre-designated and assigned during the manufacturing process. I always remember the Huf Haus on Grand Designs being furnished with fantastic interior design elements in the style of Le Corbusier and Makintosh.

I love the design of this Huf Haus pictured above.  The glass to the front of the property is sure to flood natural light in!  And, check out the stunning interior below – that colourful wall looks stunning and so individual to the home owners interest and great taste in art!

More pictures of this Huf Haus can be found on the Grand Designs Huf Haus gallery.

What do you guys think to these two projects?  Did anyone see these first time round? Feel free to share, like and comment!

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Christmas Decks 2012!

Oh my good god! I am so excited for Christmas and I can’t wait to dig the Christmas tree out, let alone dust off last year’s Christmas tree decorations!  I’ve actually wasted no time in sourcing potential new Xmas decorations.  Let me know what you think guys!

Firstly, I always think it’s a good idea to find those bold Xmas tree baubles in a Christmas bauble pack. These baubles pictured below are fantastic! Don’t you just love those purple baubles mixed in with cream and red baubles? With a price tag of £10 for 50 coloured baubles from Next, we think these Xmas tree decorations are a great find – wouldn’t you agree?

Other great finds we have come across whilst browsing trendy Xmas tree decorations include the following from Marks & Spencer.

M&S have a fabulous range of must have Christmas decorations. The Marks and Spencer Christmas Collection has a fantastic 3 for 2 offer across their range of Christmas tree decorations – you just can’t miss this one guys! Don’t you just think that the red and white knitted bauble is so cute?

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Whats that coming over the hill, is it a … ‘Stag!?’

Are you in the Christmas Spirit yet? What, No?! Blimey, well these fabulous Christmas cushions from Debenhams ought to get you out of your Scrooge mood!

Aren’t they just lovely? When I came across these I thought I just had to share. I especially love the knitted cushion, the red and white design is very Christmassy and the reindeer and Christmas tree design is just the perfect touch to any must have Xmas cushion – wouldn’t you agree?

The sequin cushion featuring the stag is my personal second favourite. I love the colour combination and those sequins sparkling are so eye catching! The fact that this cushion cover is not too fussy looking means that this neutral cushion will fit in to any contemporary living room this Christmas. I’m just going to have to get one of these cushions – they simply are the perfect Christmas home accessory for 2012!

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Christmas Tree Ideas 2012!

With Halloween and Bonfire night out the way, Kelly and I are already planning for our Christmas decorations. Personally, I love Christmas and decorating a Christmas tree is my speciality – or at least i’d like to think it is!

I’ve put together a list of some of my most inspiring Christmas trees. These 2012 Christmas tree ideas boast luxurious design, quirky appeal and are like nothing I have ever seen before.

First up we have this Raz Christmas tree which features deliciously inviting cookies!  This one is sure to make the kids smile.  It’s also fun looking, yet masterfully decorated to boast a fun yet luxurious over all design.

Secondly, we have this gorgeous looking RAZ Xmas tree which uses whites and creams in the over all design.  I love how simple yet striking the use of colour on this Christmas tree is.  This tree is certainly well suited to any room decor, with its plain and stylish statement look.

Thirdly we have a traditional Christmas tree design idea.  I love the way traditional Xmas trees create a warm cosy feel during the Christmas festivities.  There is nothing better than sitting in front of the TV, watching Christmas films with the ‘ole Christmas tree design stood proudly in the corner of the room.  The use of red and gold Christmas decorations certainly sets off this tree a treat.

For our next tree we have this fantastic unusual Christmas tree design.  This tree is a real show stopper!  Those winter roof tops look simply desirable.  I especially love the rustic feel these wooden Xmas decorations give.

Last but by no means least is my favourite inspiring Xmas tree.  This luxurious Christmas tree is a real eye catcher!  The branches are completely covered in cream and champagne coloured Christmas decorations.  The added flare towards the top of this Xmas tree gives a contemporary Christmas tree design which meets extravagance.

What colour decorations do my lovely blogging friends go for?  Are you inspired by any of these Christmas tree designs?  Feel free to leave your comments!

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