Whats that coming over the hill, is it a … ‘Stag!?’

Are you in the Christmas Spirit yet? What, No?! Blimey, well these fabulous Christmas cushions from Debenhams ought to get you out of your Scrooge mood!

Aren’t they just lovely? When I came across these I thought I just had to share. I especially love the knitted cushion, the red and white design is very Christmassy and the reindeer and Christmas tree design is just the perfect touch to any must have Xmas cushion – wouldn’t you agree?

The sequin cushion featuring the stag is my personal second favourite. I love the colour combination and those sequins sparkling are so eye catching! The fact that this cushion cover is not too fussy looking means that this neutral cushion will fit in to any contemporary living room this Christmas. I’m just going to have to get one of these cushions – they simply are the perfect Christmas home accessory for 2012!

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2 thoughts on “Whats that coming over the hill, is it a … ‘Stag!?’

  1. I of course prefer the one on the far right. Less flash but better design (IMHO) and more color without being as busy as the first one. Chacun a son gout. (Each to her own taste, sorry no diacritical marks for the French). They would all be lovely accent pieces.

    • Bonjour!! lol … Very true Maura, the far right design is very nice too… Not quite sure it would go with our mulberry and cream living room decor though unfortunately 😦 … But your very true, far less busy than the first and a great design! … Lol at the French, u amaze me with all the hidden talents lol 🙂

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