Grand Designs Huf Haus!

Grand designs has always been one of my favourite home development TV shows. I always get a rush of sudden excitement when I see the show is about to start.

One of my favourite episodes featured a home which was built to be Eco friendly – it was awesome! If I remember correctly, they had volunteers come from all over to help on their self build project. I’m almost certain that this episode featured the use of car tyres within the construction.  Oh, actually it definitely did – see for yourself below!  For more pictures visit the Brittany House gallery

Another episode which springs to mind is the episode featuring the Huf Haus. These kit houses are manufactured in Germany, and a team of German men come over to build the house, which takes them just seven days! Huf Haus is a spectacular design home, which is unique to fit your individual requirements. Every socket and light switch is pre-designated and assigned during the manufacturing process. I always remember the Huf Haus on Grand Designs being furnished with fantastic interior design elements in the style of Le Corbusier and Makintosh.

I love the design of this Huf Haus pictured above.  The glass to the front of the property is sure to flood natural light in!  And, check out the stunning interior below – that colourful wall looks stunning and so individual to the home owners interest and great taste in art!

More pictures of this Huf Haus can be found on the Grand Designs Huf Haus gallery.

What do you guys think to these two projects?  Did anyone see these first time round? Feel free to share, like and comment!

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2 thoughts on “Grand Designs Huf Haus!

  1. That inside wall in the Huf Haus looks like a Mondrian painting to me. (We don’t have that show in the States so these are all new to me.)

    • Yes Maura, it looks like a Piet Mondrian piece… I love it! … It’s soo bold and striking! … These episodes are very old Maura, and by far my most favourite! … Grand Designs has been aired in the UK for years now, not sure if you can watch 4OD (channel 4 On Demand) across the pond but if you can you should check Grand Designs out – very addictive and full of so many individual self build projects! Enjoy 🙂

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