Boxing Day Madness: Continued!

When we arrived at Asda on Boxing Day, it was rather empty – although the staff car park was almost full. Kelly was so tired that she ended up going in to Finlay’s and purchasing some Monster energy drink – that certainly did the trick, poor girl!

Finally it was 9am and the shutters were slowly, but surely, lifting up. Kelly and I made tracks to the George department, where yet again we grabbed more bargain clothes! It’s funny actually, because I used to be a size 10-12, but then kinda realised that I ‘love’ food – so it’s pretty difficult finding those designer threads I once owned in ‘plus sizes’. Anyways, George have some fantastic ranges of clothes. The jeans are cheap and always fit my curves nicely. Also, we bought more pyjamas, which funnily enough were only left in mine n Kelly’s sizes. We decided to get two new dressing gowns, as we had disposed of ours last month. And again, more socks! We had such a laugh waltzing the aisles. Again, nothing in the home ware department caught our eye unfortunately. We did however, decide to stock up on the women’s Lynx gift set – OMG, it smells gorgeous!

When we finally returned home, the cats were at the door to greet us. We unloaded our purchases and chilled out for the remainder of the day. Out of everything we purchased, the only thing needing to be returned is a casual sweater which is too big for Kelly, so she pinched mine instead! All in all, we had a fantastic time shopping in the sales. It was such a shame that the Asda home-ware department was just not striking enough for us, but never mind.

What did you guys do on Boxing Day? We’re you daft enough to be up the same time as us?! Such fun 🙂


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5 thoughts on “Boxing Day Madness: Continued!

  1. Boomdeeadda says:

    I’m afraid I don’t desire anything enough to venture out on boxing day. I can barely stand shopping the rest of the year…missed that gene completely. Glad you found some treaure though. Seems like the boxing day sales started back in November here…LOL

    • LOL… Next Year we said we ain’t going to the Darlington sales, we’re being adventurous and venturing out to the Metro Centre (I think it’s about 40mins drive from our home)… Apparently the Next shop through there is UNREAL… I will advise when the time comes lol… And OMG, sales in November!? For real, I need to move where u live! Lol 🙂

      • Boomdeeadda says:

        You guys are hard core…..tally ho! We don’t have The Next shops here, but I just googled them and yep, great stuff, want it all. LOL I might make an exception for that one. HA
        They do all kinds of promo’s way b4 christmas to get you to part with your money here. It’s banana’s, there’s Christmas out with Halloween….next thing you know it’ll be out in July. LOL

      • Lol, we actually have a ‘Christmas in July’ in Middlesbrough… It’s a night out in Boro town in the GLBT community – everyone dresses up in Santa suits, as elves, etc… I’ve never been out to Christmas in July, but apparently it’s supposed to be brilliant! … I don’t drink, so not quite my cup of tea if I’m honest, lol! … Xmas trees in July is wrong in my opinion lol! 🙂

      • Boomdeeadda says:

        Yes, totally, July is for fireworks, flip flops and tank tops….Santa should be on vacation too 🙂

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