What we learned 2012!

Well guys, seen as its the beginning of a new year, we thought what better time to reflect on what we learned from 2012. So here it goes!

Firstly, we learned that we shouldn’t get our bathroom flooring laid by Franks the Flooring Store. Initially they did a diabolical job, and then sent the same guy out to assess/ rectify his own mistakes. Needless to say, when the guy attempted to fix his own mistakes – it became apparent he was in the wrong industry.


Frank’s the Flooring Store soon sharp sent two people to relay our black bathroom flooring. They did a fantastic job.


Secondly, we learned not to purchase a headboard via eBay. Our experience of purchasing a faux suede headboard via eBay was very disappointing. Not only was the headboard description wrong in regards to the upholstered material which covered it, but also the colour was not as described. On a positive note though, the diamanté crystal detailing to the headboard was very chic. In this instance, we learned that cheaper is not always better!


Thirdly, we learned that we love striped wallpaper. Just look how gorgeous our white furniture looks in our teal bedroom. The teal striped wallpaper is awesome!


Fourthly, we learned that the cats love to be in on the action, especially when it comes to DIY. Take Angel for instance, she couldn’t resist taking down the wallpaper that time when we redecorated the main bedroom. Diesel is more of the gaffa type, he observes the task in hand.


Finally, other than learning why you should NEVER leave kitchen appliances unattended, we learned that Kelly needed a new door mat for indoor use.

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3 thoughts on “What we learned 2012!

  1. Boomdeeadda says:

    Thank goodness the flooring store was co-operative, in the end it sure looks great. I really like how you papered horizontally, it really makes a impact in that cozy space. Looks great. Thanks for including pic of the kitties, adorable ‘peak-a-boo’ shot of Angel.

    • Lol, they had no choice but to co-operate – especially with Kelly on their case… Kelly is funny, she tells it as it is – so when she returned home from a long day at work and found the first guy who laid the flooring had rectified his mistakes by ‘piping’ silicone in ‘one continuous bead’ around the ‘entire’ bathroom flooring, well she just didn’t keep quiet. I thought she was going to reduce the man to tears as she shouted, “Do you think that’s acceptable? To leave a paying customers flooring like that?” He replied with, “Well, yeah, yeah I do”… At this point Kelly didn’t give him a chance to speak as she shouted at him and ushered him out of our door, closing the door on his heel! Lol … Eee god, she is sooo funny! 🙂 … Needless to say, they sent two people around the second time – maybe for each others safety – haha! 🙂 … Angel is sooo cute and she is definitely a mummy Kelly’s girl, however she does follow me around and get in my shots lol – good job I love her! … The horizontal paper was my idea, and everyone loves it… The Birlea furniture looks great against the striking wallpaper… I love our guest room, so do Diesel and Angel lol 🙂

  2. Boomdeeadda says:

    LOL, oh how I wish I had that kind of hutzpah…we need a Kelly round here….Wait a minute, I am a ‘Kelly’….now that’d be confusing. We had our previous home renovated 6 or 7 years b4 we sold…I seem to remember me ‘asking nicely’ of the contractor to CORRECT something and he told me off and ran out my screen door slamming it all the way….cheeky, nerve……he later called to apologize but the damage was done. PS, Also AQUA is of course my most favourite colour, so I agree with Angel & Diesel.

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