Fabric is the new leather!

Hey my fellow bloggers, sorry I haven’t blogged sooner – my bad! Recently, I have been to the Interiors UK 2013 exhibition at Birmingham NEC. I was amazed at the turn out, and the furniture is out of this world. I did however notice one thing, not only if fabric the new black, but fabric is the new leather – or so it seems! Fabric beds were everywhere, and we love them.

Fabric beds are available in many different colours. Birlea Furniture has introduced an amazing range of fabric beds, such as the Birlea Brooklyn fabric bed which is available in chocolate brown, grey or wheat. The thing we like most about the Birlea Brooklyn Collection is that it is also available as an ottoman storage bed, which is perfect for any room lacking in storage. Currently I have only seen these particular beds available from leading bed stores such as Bed Centre UK and Bed SOS, but we’re sure other retailers will soon sharp jump on the fabric bed band wagon.

Birlea Brooklyn Ottoman Fabric Bed Wheat

Other manufacturer’s, such as Limelight Beds, have introduced some very modern fabric beds. Our favourite is most definitely the Limelight Eclipse fabric bed in plum finish. This Limelight Jupiter bed is another favourite of ours, with its beige upholstered fabric finish and easy lift up action for the internal storage facility.

Time Living is another fine example of a fantastic manufacturer of fabric beds. Their range of Hamburg fabric beds are desirable, and come in a choice of pebble grey fabric or cocoa brown fabric finish.

Here at Home Desirable, we just love the fact that contemporary fabric beds are becoming the latest must have piece of bedroom furniture.

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3 thoughts on “Fabric is the new leather!

  1. Boomdeeadda says:

    I like the idea of storage under the mattress. I wonder how comfortable a sleep you’d get without a boxspring? At 18 I moved out of the house and had a pull out sofa in a basement suite. I remember getting ‘ok’ sleeps there but it wasn’t super comfortable. It be great to have one of those sleepbed ottomans for company visits.

    • Hi Boomdeeadda! I’m not sure how comfortable it would be either – we’ve always stuck to ‘under bed storage’ or leather beds with ‘drawers’… We just got our first divan bed last year, or the year before lol … The idea of a lift up storage bed is becoming more and more appealing, these fabric storage beds look so neat and contemporary, and definitely feature more under bed storage space than a divan or leather bed with drawers… Lol at the sofa bed, could of been worse – I once moved back in to my mums and had an ‘air bed’ to sleep on… And I’m sure it popped one night from the ‘over use’ lol! … A memory foam mattress or memory foam topper on a good quality sprung mattress is the way forward for any bed lacking comfort IMHO 😉

      • Boomdeeadda says:

        Oh man, yah the blow up bed, they never last very long. When I got divorced my younger brother moved in with me to help with the bills. He brought a blow up bed and the cats had holes in it shortly…LOL. Lots of patches and it still didn’t hold air. I think our bed is called a ‘Pillow top’….it’s super high off the ground and you need ‘deep pocket sheets’, but it’s major comfy. The whole storage thing is really great in small spaces though.

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