Unexpected Bedroom Revamp!

Hey my fellow bloggers. Sincere apologies for why I have not been blogging much lately (my life has been flipped around with the arrival of our new addition to the family – Hugo! So anyways, you’ll meet him a little later on – you can even add him to FaceBook if you really want to!) we recently re-wallpapered our bedroom feature wall.

Basically, Kelly and I were out browsing wallpaper for our living room. Unfortunately, we weren’t too struck on any feature wallpapers – other than a desirable cream/ beige wallpaper, which I insisted we ‘needed’ for our bedroom! Anyways, we purchased a few rolls, and made tracks home.

Angel decided to get in on the action – as per usual. God love her, she is soooo cute!

Angel ready to re-decorate again

First of all, the paper was stripped off and the curtains were taken down and put through the wash for a well deserved freshen up. Secondly, the curtain pole was given a polish – as you do! Then ultimately, the wallpaper was hung. Doesn’t it look gorgeous?

Cream and Beige Bedroom Feature Wallpaper

And here’s a pic of our new puppy dog, Hugo – isn’t he just gorgeous!?

Hugo the Chihuahua Puppy Dog

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2 thoughts on “Unexpected Bedroom Revamp!

  1. Boomdeeadda says:

    Good gosh, I just don’t know what to love first! 😀 Kitty cat, adorable…wallpaper, stunning..Hugo, cuteness to the max. He dresses better than me LOL

    I had a terrible experience with Wallpaper in our old house. I hired someone, he made a mess. I cleaned it up…..fun. I always love the look, might try it again if I knew it’d look this nice.

  2. Hi Boomdeeadda, sorry for the late reply – life has been hectic hehe! … Hugo is sooo cute and a very good boy – he almost has a full wardrobe full of clothes now haha! Angel is super cute, she likes Hugo chasing her around – all our animals are funny … the wallpaper hung lovely, with no arguments *BONUS* lol 🙂 …. You should try wallpapering again, im sure it’d look just as nice as ours 🙂

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