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Can you have too many cushions?

Often, people take the mickey out of me for being so particular when it comes down to ‘arranging’ things. I mean, I may have OCD but does this really contribute to the way I arrange our bedroom cushions – I think it does!


Usually I arrange things in fours, but with these six square cushions (and the round Dorma cushion which Kelly insisted we buy – I must admit mind, Diesel our black cat appreciates it the most!) I find it hard to leave the room without ‘faffing on’ trying to make them look show home standard.

I love the way the cushions incorporate different shades and textures!

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Dunelm Mill Shopping Spree Madness

With the sun shining and Trev at hand erecting our Birlea Lynx bedside cabinets, Kelly and I headed to Dunelm Mill with Shelley (Kelly’s mam). I was extremely excited on this venture, as I was a Dunelm Mill virgin.

With a budget of around £285 we wasted no time in grabbing a trolley and filling it to the brim. We browsed endlessly around the store looking at valance sheets, throws, cushions, lamps, curtains and mirrors. I was in home furnishing heaven in this place, mixing and matching furry cushions with chenille cushions. After around three hours of browsing we had decided on two gorgeous crystal style lamps for our bedside cabinets, a stunning silver freestanding mirror (which we will be securing to the wall once we have removed the stand from the back of the frame), various shape and size cushions, a luxurious bed throw, a fancy picture frame, a pleated valance sheet, a cream roller blind and of course those essential memory foam pillows. Unfortunately we didn’t see any curtains which struck us, and to be honest they were rather expensive. We got to the till and paid for everything then made our way back to the car.

Shelley parked up and was howling as she had realised that it was going to be a tight squeeze fitting the huge mirror in to her little Corsa Sport. In the end, Kelly and I were seated with the roller blind down our left side and this long thin mirror resting on our heads, luckily for me I benefitted from having the memory foam pillows on the back seats – so at least I had some support for my spine! What a way to end a fantastic shopping trip.

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Bedding in the bag, next stop bed base!

After finding numerous ‘cheaper options’ for bedding, I am now in the process of deciding on which bed to purchase.  The bed will most definitely need to be king size, to accommodate our memory foam mattress,  and have ample storage space. 

Our previous bed, the Houston from Bed SOS, was admirable with its luxurious black faux leather finish and four storage drawers.  Obviously, with the change in colour scheme we have had no other option but to shop for a brand new bed.  Kelly has decided on a divan base, not my ideal choice, but i’ll get over it.

The thing which gets me with divan beds is that you immediately think ‘molly floral’ designs, but these days there are some gorgeous divan beds, I was most impressed.  I love the idea of deep storage space and a choice of fabric finish – I’m thinking of a kind of mink chenille finish, as this will sit lovely with the carpet, and it’s bound to look beautiful once the bedding, cushions and throws are arranged specifically to suit.  I think a visit to Northgate Bedding Centre over the weekend is in order to see such a bed in the flesh.

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Mission: Search Bedding

With all the excitement and progress made from the weekend, I can’t resist searching for bedding!  I’ve been looking at various types of bedding, from brands such as Dorma and Kylie Minogue.  Kelly and I have set a budget, as you do, and although the Dorma Evie with matching curtains is within our budget I am still in two minds whether or not to go for it.  I mean, it looks great and I’ve had Dorma in the past but is it really practical with a kitten in the household, and will it even go with the new wallpaper?  Maybe I’ll ponder a little longer.

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