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NEWS FLASH: London 2012 Olympics furniture is up for sale!

How amazing! Before most of the 17,000 Olympic athletes and officials had even slept in the beds, let alone sat on the chairs, or switched on the bedside lamps, they were set to go on sale at auction. The sale consists of 11,000 beds from the athlete’s rooms, thousands of chairs from the main dining hall and everything from clothes drying racks to cushions and extension leads are also up for sale.

The guest pass and ticketing centre reception furniture is the most expensive furniture items being sold at a cost of £2,500, while the cheapest items are 50p coat-hangers which will be sold in batches of 10. Other items up for grabs include 14,872 LED bedside lamps for sale, 6,326 cushions, 7,496 clothes drying racks and 17,978 folding chairs – costing £8 each. Whoops, I almost forgot; amongst other items for sale are 1,000 £99 athletes’ bedroom sets which comprise of a bed, mattress, lockable bedside table and a lamp. Last but not least, brightly coloured £15 bean bags are up for sale too.

Ramler Furniture, the Organisers of the sale, which has the contract for sourcing more than 1m products for the Olympic Village and assembling the flat pack furniture, have created a dedicated website to handle the sale. Visit the sale and get your piece of the Olympics 2012 furniture.

Apparently the company bought back items from Locog as part of their contract and has already begun selling them to the public and trade buyers. All items are available for collection or delivery after the Paralympics closing ceremony.

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Hygena Rennes black dining table review

It’s awkward when you order furniture and have to schedule delivery for a day you know your definitely going to be home bound.

Luckily, when Kelly and I ordered our Hygena Rennes glass dining table and chairs we were aware that we had a few days off around my birthday (which was the last week of May).  Although it seemed like donkeys years since we ordered it, delivery date finally arrived and we were able to erect it.  We opted for this table as it was a perfect size for the space we had available, it has a modern look and feel to it and price factor was well below our budget!  I love the way it ties in to our lounge/ dining area – it looks stunning!
It’s been two weeks since the table arrived, and we have had ample opportunity to test out our brand new square glass dining table.  The instructions were very easy to follow, and Kelly and I had no problem assembling the table and chairs.  We have had many meals at our new dining table – it’s small enough to fit the space we need it for, yet big enough to entertain four people.  All round, this table and chairs from Argos is a great buy.
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Come Dine with Me: review

Speaking of Come Dine with Me, I was amazed to see Darlington on there recently.  What a fantastic show, the hosts really did bring a performance to our screens – especially Eseyoma (Queen Sheeba).

I love these shows, as I can’t resist checking out what decor the individuals have in their homes!  If I recall correctly, Eseyoma had an extremely modern home with lots of splashes of colour.  I loved her kitchen ornaments on the window ledge, they were huge – what were they?

James, our Darlington area Boris Johnson look-a-like, he was just fantastic.  His home had that sort of, what I like to call, country bumpkin appeal – such a lovely man.  I guess I’d need a bigger dining table if I was having him over to dine, especially if he brought his tray of ghoulish ‘offal’.

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Come Dine with Me!

Don’t you just love it when you order furniture in the heat of the moment in the sale just to find that a week later it has actually gone back up to almost its original price!


The flat which I live in has a funny shaped living room, it’s kind of like an L shape (only an upside down and back to front L-shape!) When our brown sofas went the distance, I was amazed at how big our living room actually is. Kelly and I had an idea of creating a small dining area within our living room, as we don’t have a dining room. We searched endlessly across the internet for old, new and used tables but nothing seemed to be suitable for the space we had.

We wanted a small dining table, either oak or glass, with four chairs. Everything we seen were rectangular and far too big, rectangular with six chairs or square with two chairs. I couldn’t believe our luck when Kelly seen a bargain Hygena Rennes black dining table and four black chairs. I can’t wait for it to be delivered – it’ll be like Come Dine with Me!

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