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Boxing Day Madness: Continued!

When we arrived at Asda on Boxing Day, it was rather empty – although the staff car park was almost full. Kelly was so tired that she ended up going in to Finlay’s and purchasing some Monster energy drink – that certainly did the trick, poor girl!

Finally it was 9am and the shutters were slowly, but surely, lifting up. Kelly and I made tracks to the George department, where yet again we grabbed more bargain clothes! It’s funny actually, because I used to be a size 10-12, but then kinda realised that I ‘love’ food – so it’s pretty difficult finding those designer threads I once owned in ‘plus sizes’. Anyways, George have some fantastic ranges of clothes. The jeans are cheap and always fit my curves nicely. Also, we bought more pyjamas, which funnily enough were only left in mine n Kelly’s sizes. We decided to get two new dressing gowns, as we had disposed of ours last month. And again, more socks! We had such a laugh waltzing the aisles. Again, nothing in the home ware department caught our eye unfortunately. We did however, decide to stock up on the women’s Lynx gift set – OMG, it smells gorgeous!

When we finally returned home, the cats were at the door to greet us. We unloaded our purchases and chilled out for the remainder of the day. Out of everything we purchased, the only thing needing to be returned is a casual sweater which is too big for Kelly, so she pinched mine instead! All in all, we had a fantastic time shopping in the sales. It was such a shame that the Asda home-ware department was just not striking enough for us, but never mind.

What did you guys do on Boxing Day? We’re you daft enough to be up the same time as us?! Such fun 🙂


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Winter Fuel!

Remember that faulty heater we returned to Argos for a refund? Well, it’s quite funny actually. A few days later we were sat watching Master Chef, when the iPhone rang – it was Kelly’s lovely mum. Kelly’s mum explained that she had seen a Warmlite heater in the Asda store at Teesside Park, so she purchased it for us. She then explained that she was en-route back to Darlington and would drop it off for us before she heads home.

Meanwhile, Kelly and I had already purchased another heater from Poundstretcher (which was in the sale!), as a ‘spur of the moment’ thing! So, seen as we had our new heater on heating up our cold living room, we jumped up and removed it out of sight!

Hyundai electric heater review

Kelly’s mum arrived with the new Warmlite heater, which funnily enough was the exact same as our old heater from Argos – only it was cheaper!

So anyways, with Master Chef on pause and Kelly’s mum now out of the vicinity, it was time to unbox our new Warmlite heater and test it out. I set up the heater within minutes and plugged it into the mains. So far so good! We kept the box though, just in case we experienced the same problem as last time with this Warmlite electric heater.

Deciding that the Warmlite oil filled electric heater was far better than the Hyundai oil filled 1500W electric heater, it was time to climb back in to the industrial bin and retrieve the Hyundai heater packaging – luckily, it hadn’t been in there too long!

We dismantled the Hyundai heater, which is a lot smaller than the Warmlite heater, and I returned it back to the store the following day for a refund.

Then… You will never believe this!  The main storage heater in our ground floor flat completely broke. We couldn’t believe it – but are so thankful that Kelly’s mam bought us a brand new electric heater.


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Halloween Tips for Success!

In the UK, Halloween is a holiday that isn’t celebrated quite as much as it is in America, etc. Being a holiday which is seen upon being for kids over in the UK, other than the odd few adults who use it as an excuse to throw a party, it’s a shame that my hometown doesn’t celebrate Halloween to its full. Anyways, with regards to getting the most out of your Halloween, below are some great tips which you may find useful for tempting those trick or treaters:

1) Pumpkins
Pumkins are a great way to show off your artistic flare at Halloween. I actually tried to persuade Kelly to let me buy ‘two’ pumpkins at the weekend – but she was having none of it! Asda is possibly your cheapest bet for a good sized pumpkin at a cheap price. Other places you can purchase that must have pumpkin are grocery stores. Pumpkins can be decorated in all sorts of ways, but be extremely careful when carving them! Be sure to make your pumpkin look as scary as possibly, and don’t forget to light the inside of your pumpkin with a candle – alternatively you can go all out and light your pumpkin with LED lights, as these are much safer! Using glitter on your pumpkin can really set that illuminated look off – be as creative as possibly and you can’t go wrong.

(Picture from The Grow Spot)

Always remember when designing your Jack-O-Latern, DO NOT go too outrageous – fire is dangerous!

(Picture from Red Ferret)

2) Sweeties (or candy)
Be sure to have plenty of sweets at hand for those Halloween kids. There are plenty of cheap places to shop for cheap sweets in the UK, Pound Land is just one example of a great shop which supplies a variety of mixed bags of sweets – perfect for those little Halloween monsters! Make sure you have a huge selection of treats – lollipops and chews are perfect, and kids love them!

3) Halloween House Decoration
In the UK, this can either go one way or the other! Decorating your house to the extreme is bound to either grab the attention of the kids in your neighbourhood on Halloween, or scare them away! Just be sure to follow our above tips, and don’t dare to disappoint those little scary faces, and your Halloween night will be a huge success!

4) Halloween Fun
One last thing, be sure to dress up yourself on Halloween. The scarier, the better! Michael Myers is always an easy outfit to put together, after all, all you need is a white face and a pair of blue overalls! Alternatively witches are always fun, especially if you have a black cat who loves to see who’s at the door – black cats always add to the effect on Halloween.

Remember to have fun, and remember that Halloween is a time for celebrating the spirits who ‘supposedly’ are lined up by Samhain and sent to visit the living – or something along those lines!  Anyways, have fun carving your pumpkins (or jack-o-lanterns). Careful not to cut yourself with those sharp knives when carving! Have fun with the kids, and don’t be a spoiled sport – give the kids plenty of candy!

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Shopping: towels and bath mats!

With the bathroom flooring already chosen, it was time to shop for some bath mats, towels and flannels. Kelly picked up a red bath mat with matching red towels from Primark.

As soon as I finished work I went straight to meet Kelly. We headed to TK Maxx in search of some luxurious bathroom towels and bath mats but unfortunately there wasn’t much selection in the colours we so desperately desired. What use is a bold bath mat without the matching towels right?

Anyways, whilst doing our shopping in Asda we browsed the Asda home department only to find an aqua green shabby bath mat with matching bath towel, hand towels and flannels available. We also picked up a full set of bold pink bathroom towels, again with the matching flannels and a pink shabby bath mat. Totalling just over £50 we thought we did well considering we purchased x4 bath towels, x2 hand towels, x2 medium sized towels, x2 pair of flannels and x2 shabby bath mats! I couldn’t wait to get home and put a set through the wash to see how well they washed – I shall update you guys on the quality of Asda towels once they have dried!

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