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Decisions, decisions: shopping spree or alcohol madness?

Hi guys! Well I hope you all had a fantastic bank holiday? Unfortunately I’ve been so busy the passed week that I haven’t been on here much, and I do apologise!

So pressing on. Unfortunately I don’t drink, so when my mates decided they were all hitting Newcastle for ‘bank holiday drinks’ etc, I decided to spend my money on other things. Ive been needing some new clothes for quite some time (I mean it’s not everyday you wake up and realise you’ve piled 4 stone on – and all them designer threads no longer fit) so Kelly and I decided to trek through to Middlesbrough for some well deserved retail therapy, as there was nothing in Darlington!

We had a right fab time looking around numerous shops and I just couldn’t resist browsing the home department of every store we entered. Call me sad, but I actually enjoy looking through fabric throws, textured cushions and anything touchy feely! The bath mats I forced Kelly to buy are desirable – I love their shabby finish, black design and twinkle threading which really sets our bathroom off once the light catches it.


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