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Fabric is the new leather!

Hey my fellow bloggers, sorry I haven’t blogged sooner – my bad! Recently, I have been to the Interiors UK 2013 exhibition at Birmingham NEC. I was amazed at the turn out, and the furniture is out of this world. I did however notice one thing, not only if fabric the new black, but fabric is the new leather – or so it seems! Fabric beds were everywhere, and we love them.

Fabric beds are available in many different colours. Birlea Furniture has introduced an amazing range of fabric beds, such as the Birlea Brooklyn fabric bed which is available in chocolate brown, grey or wheat. The thing we like most about the Birlea Brooklyn Collection is that it is also available as an ottoman storage bed, which is perfect for any room lacking in storage. Currently I have only seen these particular beds available from leading bed stores such as Bed Centre UK and Bed SOS, but we’re sure other retailers will soon sharp jump on the fabric bed band wagon.

Birlea Brooklyn Ottoman Fabric Bed Wheat

Other manufacturer’s, such as Limelight Beds, have introduced some very modern fabric beds. Our favourite is most definitely the Limelight Eclipse fabric bed in plum finish. This Limelight Jupiter bed is another favourite of ours, with its beige upholstered fabric finish and easy lift up action for the internal storage facility.

Time Living is another fine example of a fantastic manufacturer of fabric beds. Their range of Hamburg fabric beds are desirable, and come in a choice of pebble grey fabric or cocoa brown fabric finish.

Here at Home Desirable, we just love the fact that contemporary fabric beds are becoming the latest must have piece of bedroom furniture.

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Review: Birlea Furniture

Hey guys, well it’s been a while since our Birlea furniture arrived. Remember that teal and white guest room? Well, we’ve had Jess stay around (Jess is our friends 6yr old daughter) and Jess has been telling us what she does and doesn’t like about the furniture.

Firstly, she loves the 3ft Toronto guest bed, which we purchased from Bed SOS. She says the mattress (also from Bed SOS) is very comfy – it’s like a ‘bouncy castle’ according to Jess.

Jess loves the Cotswold three drawer bedside cabinet. She loves the fact she has her own clothes in there, which in her eyes makes it ‘hers’ (basically – because she’s been staying over frequently – Kelly and I have told her its her bedroom!). She manages to open the drawers with ease, and doesn’t struggle to close them. The drawers are not on metal runners, the whole of the drawers are constructed from solid wood and the drawers sit/ slide on a wooden piece.

Jess doesn’t like the fact that her Lego box doesn’t fit next to the bed anymore (due to the Cotswold bedside cabinet being there instead).

With regards to the Birlea Cotswold 4+2 drawer chest, at first Jess complained that it was too high! We explained that the only reason the chest of drawers seemed too high was because she was laid in the bed looking at them. Once she stood next to the drawers she realised that they were a perfect size. Jess now loves the drawers, and has her books and Bratz doll safe in the very bottom drawer. Again, the Cotswold chest of drawers is constructed in the same way as the bedside cabinet. Jess manages to open the drawers easily, and also closes them without struggle. Jess loves the two small drawers located at the very top, Jess claims that these are ‘cute!’.

Jess doesn’t like the fact that her Cotswold white chest of drawers does not have an LCD TV sat on it – so at present she can’t watch TV in bed!

We’ve promised Jess that a brand new television will be purchased in the very near future to accommodate her room.

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Birlea furniture: Lynx wardrobe review


So it’s been long enough for me to give an honest opinion of our two Birlea Lynx two door wardrobe, which we purchased in walnut/cream finish.

The wardrobe itself looks appealing with its two cream gloss doors, and for its size it sure can store a lot of clothing! Kelly and I opted for the ‘no drawer option’ as we did not want to lose out on the storage shelf inside. The wardrobes are very compact and, unlike some wardrobes available in the bedroom furniture industry, the doors are not overly heavy for the frame. The frame is sturdy and the inside shelf is fitted to the side panels via dowels and screws – unlike some wardrobes which have pins for the shelf to rest on. The wardrobes have a wooden pole which is covered in silver, giving it a metal look finish. These wardrobes were easy to assemble and came with easy to follow instructions.

Over all I am impressed with the Birlea Lynx range, and I would highly recommend this furniture for any contemporary bedroom space.

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Trev to the rescue!

Well, I’m sat in my bedroom watching Trev assemble the second of our brand new Birlea Lynx cream two door wardrobe. Apparently his brand new Snap-On screwdriver at £42 is ‘beautiful’.


Trev, such a lovely man, is quite the perfectionist when it comes to DIY. Before he makes a start he ensures that the correct number of screws are present, and that everything is in perfect condition!

If its good enough for trev, then it’s good enough for our luxurious bedroom!

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Decorating Dilemma: Everyone has them!

Where do I start?! Friday, after dropping the little one off at school, Kelly I made way to Morrisons for a good old full English breakfast. We then decided to have a trek over to B&M to see if there were any cheap desirables to suit the bedroom décor. There wasn’t anything which really caught our eye ‘home décor’ wise but I was amazed when I spotted a paste table on the top shelf hiding its price tag of only £9.99, just what we needed for when we got round to hanging the damask wallpaper. With all our little bits packed and paid for, we made way to B&Q.

Our next task was to find some paint, and boy did we mess up! We already had experience with Colours by B&Q paint but instead of looking through the colour chart, bearing in mind we were pushed for time due to the Birlea furniture being delivered between 11am and 2pm, we made the classic mistake of opting for a colour based on the colour of the paint we could see through the tub. The paint was on offer, 3 for 2, so we thought great stuff lets get a pot of paint for the spare bedroom whilst we’re here.

Arriving home with our decorating essentials, we emptied the whole of the master bedroom, and I began the task of painting the ceiling brilliant white. It wasn’t until the ceiling had dried and we cracked open the tub of silk paint that Kelly instantly took a dislike and stated that the paint was not going to go with the wallpaper, and she was right! With the atmosphere so tense that you could cut it with a knife, I opted to go to B&Q and exchange the paint. Next thing, the Birlea delivery guy rang my mobile stating he would be with us in 30mins – so we opted to stay put, get the furniture delivered and then both go to B&Q (to be continued…..)

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Awaiting Birlea Furniture

Well it’s almost the weekend, but there’s certainly no rest for the wicked. With our brand new Birlea furniture arriving in the morning, and a full bedroom still awaiting a lick of paint – Kelly and I have definitely got our work cut out!

The furniture we have decided on is x2 Birlea Lynx two door wardrobes and x2 three drawer bedside cabinets, all with a beautiful clean cream finish to the doors and drawers. The Lynx Birlea wardrobe is available with a two drawer option but we weren’t so keen on losing out on the storage shelf above the hanging rail. Hopefully the instructions will be ‘reader friendly’.

I love these companies that give you the option of having your desired furniture delivered fully assembled or in flat pack form, unfortunately I didn’t realise the option for fully assembled furniture was available at the time of purchase – luckily for me I was brought up with a screwdriver in my hand.

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