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Unexpected Bedroom Revamp!

Hey my fellow bloggers. Sincere apologies for why I have not been blogging much lately (my life has been flipped around with the arrival of our new addition to the family – Hugo! So anyways, you’ll meet him a little later on – you can even add him to FaceBook if you really want to!) we recently re-wallpapered our bedroom feature wall.

Basically, Kelly and I were out browsing wallpaper for our living room. Unfortunately, we weren’t too struck on any feature wallpapers – other than a desirable cream/ beige wallpaper, which I insisted we ‘needed’ for our bedroom! Anyways, we purchased a few rolls, and made tracks home.

Angel decided to get in on the action – as per usual. God love her, she is soooo cute!

Angel ready to re-decorate again

First of all, the paper was stripped off and the curtains were taken down and put through the wash for a well deserved freshen up. Secondly, the curtain pole was given a polish – as you do! Then ultimately, the wallpaper was hung. Doesn’t it look gorgeous?

Cream and Beige Bedroom Feature Wallpaper

And here’s a pic of our new puppy dog, Hugo – isn’t he just gorgeous!?

Hugo the Chihuahua Puppy Dog

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Who needs DIY when you have Handyman Northeast?

Speaking of our guest room, Kelly and I have been so busy recently with working overtime and me holding the fort at Tic Watches that it seemed we had no time whatsoever to wallpaper our guest room feature wall with the teal striped wallpaper we purchased at Wilko’s. Luckily we had come across a handyman via Facebook who was willing to take the job off our hands.

Handyman Northeast arrived on time with all the necessary tools. He cracked straight on with carrying out the task in hand. I was amazed at how affordable he was for a professional! The wallpapering took him no time to complete and the finished work looks amazing!  Such a friendly individual, I would definitely recommend!

Kelly and I decided to opt for horizontal striped wallpaper, I mean its all the same – but we wanted it hanging across the wall instead of down the wall. Our intention of having stripes across the wall was to create a wider room, which is what has been achieved. Although the guest room is still not quite finished, I just absolutely love the colours, style and bold look of such a small bedroom.

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