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Ice-Clock Alarm Clocks: Review!

How super cool are these little beauties? We will definitely be getting one of these for our guest bedroom. The white Ice Clock with alarm is awesome and super trendy – wouldn’t you agree?

Featuring a 14.5cm diameter with 4.5cm depth, these designer alarm clocks are rather cute.  The IAF.WE white Ice alarm clock is manufactured in keeping with the classic Ice-Watch design.  This alarm clock features a stainless steel pull out stand to the reverse, analogue display and a snooze button.  The clock also features a backlight which is activated by pressing and holding the snooze button, as well as that all important alarm feature which is activated/ deactivated by twisting the crown to the on/ off position.  The white Ice-Watch alarm clock is like no other alarm clock we have seen before.  The Ice alarm clocks benefit from three-hand Quartz movement, with the second hand sweeping continuously around the face and offering silent movement.  Ice Clock alarm clocks are the latest bedside accessory, which can be wall mounted if preferred.  The Ice-Clock Alarm Clock Collection is available in a variety of ten colours, and comes in official Ice-Clock packaging, with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

What are your thoughts on these fantastic designer clocks? – feel free to like, comment and share!

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Mad about clocks, GUILTY!

So I’m mad about wall clocks – so what!  I love all sorts of wall clocks, from designer wall clocks to multi-coloured wall clocks, I love them all.  Working at my day job I deal with clocks on a smaller scale, watches to be precise, but that doesn’t deter me from the passion I have for wall clocks.  Below are a few examples of some of my favourite wall clocks.  Be sure to let me know what you all think guys!

First up we have my favourite Alessi wall clock, the Alessi Blank Clock.  Alessi, who also produce some of the most fantastic bold, trendy and funky watches I have ever seen are one of my favourite brands when it comes to keeping track of time.  Below is an example of such a simple wall clock which can be customised to look however you want it to look.  This idea of having a fully customisable wall clock is great – I mean come on guys, how cool would it be to doodle on your unique wall clock!

Secondly, I would like to introduce to you guys this Karlsson photo wall clock.  I love the idea of being able to capture and showcase your timeless memories around a clock face, and the colours are just so cool – wouldn’t you agree?

Thirdly, we have this Karlsson multi-coloured wall clock.  This DIY cubic clock features an awesome multi-colour design.  It reminds me of my grandfathers Rubik’s Cube which I used to ALWAYS ‘accidently purposely’ unsolve for him!  How bold and cool is this clock for a child’s room perhaps?

Fourth up we have this fantastic coloured wall clock from Normann Copenhagen.  This Watch Me designer wall clock looks very trendy, and I’m sure this would make a striking addition to any wall space.

Another Karlsson clock favourite of mine is this fantastic traditional analogue wall clock.  I love the stainless steel finish with the white analogue face.  The addition of bold colours in small doses looks so cool on this one.  This wall clock would make a fantastic modern kitchen wall clock.

Last but my no means least we have the fantastic Tabla Clock by Diamantini & Domeniconi.  This black wall clock is awesome, it features a slate face and has a slide out side drawer which holds and conceals numerous chalks, as well as a felt chalkboard eraser.  The idea of this fun wall clock is to doodle till your hearts content.  Here at Home Desirable, we love this wall clock – we reckon it would make the ideal office wall clock!

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Ice-Clock Review

So my brother owns a watch company, and I have a thing for clocks!

I was impressed when I seen that Ice-Watch had sent my brothers office an impressive stylish wall clock. Of course, I wasted no time in un-boxing it and setting it up. My first challenge was to find a battery, which didn’t actually prove as difficult as I initially thought.

The Ice-Clock takes one AA battery (which is not included), and is very easy to set up. My excitement rose when I seen that the Ice Clock was ‘Radio Controlled’, I couldn’t wait to get stuck in setting the time! There two different versions available for the Ice-Clock, the WWVB – America version and the UK – MSF/ Germany – DCF/ Japan – JJY model. Obviously, being in the UK we had been given the UK model.

I believe the American model has added features, such as daylight saving time switch and P.M.C.E time zone switch, whereas the other models are pretty much standard. There are three buttons on the reverse of the UK Ice-Clock. These buttons are very clearly marked. M-Set is the manual set button, Rec is the radio controlled button and the red button, which says ‘reset’ above it, is the reset button.


(Pictured above is the instruction manual)

Using the Rec button enables the radio controlled feature to activate. Once pressed the second hand sweeps around the clock face at a faster than usual pace and the minute and hour hands begin to move also. This function is designed to use radio waves to automatically set the clock to the current time – it is accurate to one second in one million years and never needs adjusting. NOTE: do not attempt to use the radio controlled functionality if you are close to electrical equipment, or appliances, as it may not work correctly due to interference. The radio controlled functionality on the ICE-Watch clock face works best when stood setting the clock next to a window.

In my case, I was sat next to my computer trying to automatically set the clock via the radio controlled functionality. The clock didn’t set and just went straight back to 12 o’clock – due to the interference from my PC. I decided to manually set it, which is done by pressing and holding the M-Set button.

Once the clock was set, I wasted no time clicking the back cover over the battery housing and hanging it on the office wall.


(My apologies for the poor picture quality – the office has them stupidly bright strip lights, which has caused glare!)

It looks fantastic! It’s a real focal point on the wall. In the style of Ice Watches Black Sili Forever, this XXL Radio-Controlled Ice-Clock is a must have for any home or office! Available sometime in 2012, these Ice Watch clocks are available in various bold colours and also as an Ice-Clock alarm clock – a stylish must have for any teens, or modern, bedroom.


I think the other colours available within the Ice-Clock Range (pictured below) are awesome!  What do you guys think?

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