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Mission: Bedroom

Saturday morning I woke up and felt a sudden urge to strip the bedroom wallpaper, and boy was it a ‘mission!’ Luckily, half way through, Angel (the cat) decided to help me.

So there I am, kitted out in my PJ’s with the cheap scraper I purchased months ago in my hand, determined to get the once luxurious black wallpaper off. It was all going fine, until I realised I hadn’t had my Shreddies and couldn’t be remotely bothered to finish. However, my OCD mode kicked in and I just had to get it finished before the wifey returned home from her overtime shift.

With the wallpaper finally stripped, I could now begin to imagine that wall covered in the desirable cream damask wallpaper we had purchased weeks ago from Wilko’s. We chose Wilkinson’s paper as, to be honest, it was the best paper we had seen to suit our desired bedroom theme – plus Wilkinson is ‘the home of family value’. I can’t wait to shop for bedding, cushions and accessories!Image

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