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Pet Bedroom Idea!!

Hey my fellow bloggers, it has been a while! #MyApologies….. So, anyways, a lot has gone on since my last blog post – the cats have calmed down and come around to the idea of the puppy dog (who aint so much of a puppy anymore!), we’ve decorated out the old pet play room (which used to be the office room if you remember?), and – guess what – we’ve purchased a brand new bed frame!

Firstly, I dunno what got into the cats causing a nuisance that time – I mean they are very well looked after!! I guess it was Angel’s fault – she likes to think she is the leader of the pack (so I’ll just blame her, lol!) …………. Anyhow, the wallpaper in the spare bedroom has stayed up and looks as amazing as ever – thanks to my DIY genius #BlowingMyOwnTrumpet! ………


Oh, and the once pet play room/ old office room – OMG, you’ll never believe what it looks like now….. We’ve only gone and decorated the whole room out, fitted carpets and had a purpose built bed frame! What do you think? (see below pic)

Pet Bedroom Ideas UK

The 3 tier pet bed was custom built by a young guy from our local area – he did a fantastic job! The bed was Kelly’s idea, and it looks awesome (or as the pets say, ‘pawesome’). The pet bed is the style of a bunk bed. We needed a 3 tier bunk bed, for obvious reasons – ie: two cats and a dog!…… Each bed base is the size of a UK standard pillow, which acts as a mattress for our beloved animals. We bought x3 kids fleece throws off Amazon in kids themes such as Minnie Mouse, Toy Story and Sponge Bob…… The fleece throws make an awesome cover over their soft mattress, and make cleanliness a piece of cake (we just whip those throws off each week and give em a wash via the washing machine, and jobs a good en!)….. The three fur children LOVE their beds!

The wallpaper was a bargain, and was purchased from Wilkinson’s. We needed something that was going to fit in with two boys and a girl, and we loved the fun design. Wallpapering took no time at all, and in our opinion – it looks fantastic!

The carpet was purchased from a local store in town, Darlington Carpet Centre, located on Bondgate. We opted for an off-cut (due to the size of the room, and the fact we would have little waste (if any). It was extremely cheap and fit’s the purpose what it was meant for. The cats love the fact they have soft luxury carpet (of their own) to leap on to on a morning, and Hugo (the Chihuahua) – well – he doesn’t know any different!



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Painting tip: petroleum jelly

After watching a recent episode of Super Scrimpers, I heard about a great painting tip!

Everyone knows that paint can be a nightmare to wash off when it dries on your hands. Gloss is even harder to get off your skin! This tip I learned is supposedly the end to all of the above. According to Super Scrimpers painting tips, if you cover the backs of your hands with a thin layer of petroleum jelly it acts as a barrier and deters any excess paint from drying on to your skin – perfect solution right!?

I’m yet to try this method, in theory it will definitely work. However, I imagine that if you over do the application of petroleum jelly then the paint brush will possibly slip across your skin when you are applying paint or gloss.

Have any of you guys tried this method? Did it work!?

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DIY: Its a Pussy Cats Life!

Recently Angel, from itsapussycatslife, once again involved herself with the decorating – only this time, she brought along her older brother Diesel.  Not only did Angel help with the decorating, she checked out our carpet underlay and had the final say of what goes where whilst Diesel just assumed his usual pose – muttering on to himself in ‘kitty language’.  Check out the pictures below of Diesel and Angel and their lovable antics!

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Decorating extravaganza relaxation day!

Well guys, after a hard days graft yesterday decorating our guest room Kelly and I are heading to the beach for some well deserved relaxation!

Being in the northeast of England, Darlington to be precise, our local beach is situated at Redcar. It’s not really anything flash, but at the end of the day it’s got sand, sea and fresh air – plus it’s home to the best Lemon Top ice cream!

Kelly doesn’t know it yet, but I plan to be heading around the local ‘home furnishing’ shops with her in search for some home accessories. I’ll update you guys once I’m back in the office.

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Mission: Bedroom

Saturday morning I woke up and felt a sudden urge to strip the bedroom wallpaper, and boy was it a ‘mission!’ Luckily, half way through, Angel (the cat) decided to help me.

So there I am, kitted out in my PJ’s with the cheap scraper I purchased months ago in my hand, determined to get the once luxurious black wallpaper off. It was all going fine, until I realised I hadn’t had my Shreddies and couldn’t be remotely bothered to finish. However, my OCD mode kicked in and I just had to get it finished before the wifey returned home from her overtime shift.

With the wallpaper finally stripped, I could now begin to imagine that wall covered in the desirable cream damask wallpaper we had purchased weeks ago from Wilko’s. We chose Wilkinson’s paper as, to be honest, it was the best paper we had seen to suit our desired bedroom theme – plus Wilkinson is ‘the home of family value’. I can’t wait to shop for bedding, cushions and accessories!Image

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