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Pet Bedroom Idea!!

Hey my fellow bloggers, it has been a while! #MyApologies….. So, anyways, a lot has gone on since my last blog post – the cats have calmed down and come around to the idea of the puppy dog (who aint so much of a puppy anymore!), we’ve decorated out the old pet play room (which used to be the office room if you remember?), and – guess what – we’ve purchased a brand new bed frame!

Firstly, I dunno what got into the cats causing a nuisance that time – I mean they are very well looked after!! I guess it was Angel’s fault – she likes to think she is the leader of the pack (so I’ll just blame her, lol!) …………. Anyhow, the wallpaper in the spare bedroom has stayed up and looks as amazing as ever – thanks to my DIY genius #BlowingMyOwnTrumpet! ………


Oh, and the once pet play room/ old office room – OMG, you’ll never believe what it looks like now….. We’ve only gone and decorated the whole room out, fitted carpets and had a purpose built bed frame! What do you think? (see below pic)

Pet Bedroom Ideas UK

The 3 tier pet bed was custom built by a young guy from our local area – he did a fantastic job! The bed was Kelly’s idea, and it looks awesome (or as the pets say, ‘pawesome’). The pet bed is the style of a bunk bed. We needed a 3 tier bunk bed, for obvious reasons – ie: two cats and a dog!…… Each bed base is the size of a UK standard pillow, which acts as a mattress for our beloved animals. We bought x3 kids fleece throws off Amazon in kids themes such as Minnie Mouse, Toy Story and Sponge Bob…… The fleece throws make an awesome cover over their soft mattress, and make cleanliness a piece of cake (we just whip those throws off each week and give em a wash via the washing machine, and jobs a good en!)….. The three fur children LOVE their beds!

The wallpaper was a bargain, and was purchased from Wilkinson’s. We needed something that was going to fit in with two boys and a girl, and we loved the fun design. Wallpapering took no time at all, and in our opinion – it looks fantastic!

The carpet was purchased from a local store in town, Darlington Carpet Centre, located on Bondgate. We opted for an off-cut (due to the size of the room, and the fact we would have little waste (if any). It was extremely cheap and fit’s the purpose what it was meant for. The cats love the fact they have soft luxury carpet (of their own) to leap on to on a morning, and Hugo (the Chihuahua) – well – he doesn’t know any different!



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Beach Day shopping spree review

After Going to the beach on Wednesday, which wasn’t really all that in the end due to overcast weather, Kelly and I returned home with lots of goodies for our home.  We had visited various shops looking for specific items such as light shades, ornaments and a new picture frame for my late dog Kato.

I’ve mentioned in the past just how much I love B&M Stores, so when I noticed there was one in Redcar I just had to go in! Its always the same when I go in this shop – I start off carrying a hand basket and soon end up needing a trolley!  Anyhow, after spending around an hour in this store Kelly and I were not disappointed.  Within our trolley we had managed to get a teal light shade, beige vase, beige throw, cream throw, twig lights and a rattan heart for our spare room – all of which look desirable!

For my office I also managed to get a light shade, back support for my computer chair and that all important white picture frame for Kato!  We also bagged ourselves cream leather coasters for our bedside cabinets (perfect for when I have tea and toast in bed) and for our dining table we purchased a mulberry table runner and leather table mats.  Our table actually arrived on Thursday along with our guest room furniture – so Thursday was a day of flat pack DIY!

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Decisions decisions: Nautical or teal stripes?

For our spare bedroom, Kelly has decided on white wooden furniture. I love white bedroom furniture as it tends to make a bedroom look clean and fresh, and it’s bound to look amazing against the striped teal wallpaper we’ve seen for our statement wall.

The initial thought I get when I think of white wooden furniture is ‘nautical’. Nautical is proving to be highly popular within home interiors, and there’s always lots of nautical design ornaments available in home interior shops.

In our spare room, we will be steering away from the nautical designs and inviting splashes of teal in to the bedroom decor. I can’t wait to crack our paint open and get started with this one.

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What is Country Bumpkin Appeal?

Country bumpkin appeal, to me, is your average old fashioned décor. For instance, if you think of an example of a typical country farmhouse kitchen or a small cottage living room with a log fire and wooden beamed ceiling – that falls in to ‘country bumpkin styling’.

I quite like country bumpkin appeal I think it’s great in the correct home – I mean you wouldn’t exactly go and put a pine farmhouse table in to a modern kitchen! That would be ludicrous.

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Picture frame gallery challenge

Well yesterday after searching Google for inspirational wall art ideas, as you do when your supposed to be hard at work, I came across some great picture frame gallery ideas – the type which feature various size frames arranged in a modern styled way. I love the funky design patterns you can create which such an idea.

My only problem now is convincing Kelly to part with our beloved New York Canvas!

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Decorating Dilemma: Resolved!

After a few deep breaths, and the safe arrival of our Birlea furniture, Kelly and I made way to B&Q without our receipt, but with a roll of our damask paper to colour match with paint. When we arrived, I immediately made way to the till and explained we had bought the tub of Soft Sand paint in error, we had no receipt and that we wanted to buy two tubs of paint. The lady was nice and told us to pick the paint we wanted and she would exchange it.

With the earlier ordeal I collared someone from the paint department for some help in picking the correct paint. The lady had a few colours in mind and with colour matching the ‘colour chart’ squares with the damask paper, Kelly and I agreed that the Crown Wheatgrass was the ideal colour for our master bedroom. This colour was the exact same shade as the background colour of our damask paper, and it is luscious!

With our two tubs of crown paint, I realised that we could get a third tub free, so we decided on a huge tub of Crown white silk paint for our bathroom. When the till assistant scanned the three tubs of paint through the till, Kelly and I were not prepared for what happened next! The paint tub we first took back (technically our free tub as we had no receipt and had bought this paint via the 3 for 2 offer) was discounted from the over all total of the three paint tubs we had just bought, meaning in total we had bought six pots of paint for the price of three. We were extremely chuffed and wasted no time in getting home and painting the walls, and I have to say it looks stunning!

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