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Frank’s the Flooring Store: customer review part two!

Morning guys! How are you all? (feel free to comment on this one). With regards to the Frank’s Factory Flooring, or Franks the Flooring Store – whatever you want to call them, issue well it still has yet to be resolved!

After contacting Frank’s the Flooring Store and advising them that I was still awaiting for the floor fitter to call around and assess the situation, I was advised that the floor fitter would be out within 30 mins.

Over an hour later he arrived. It was the same guy who messed up the flooring in the first place, so I wasn’t very impressed! Anyways, I thought I’ll see what he’s planning on doing. Next thing, he pulls out a silicone gun and tells me that he’s going to silicone the edges. I thought, “You what? Is that going to cover the scratches too like!?”. Anyways, I thought I’d watch him silicon around the flooring, with white silicon, seen as he’s the EXPERT. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I witnessed him siliconing the entire room in one continual line of silicon!


Correct me if I’m wrong, but when using silicon you ALWAYS slide your index finger over the silicone to leave a flat curved edge, right? Not with Frank’s floor fitters you don’t! This floor fitter left a continual bead of thick white silicone around the entire bathroom flooring, except for one part of the flooring – I could not believe my eyes!

(Remember that major muck up he did along the skirting board? Well this is the only part he flattened with his finger – to fill the gap!)

Kelly arrived home from work and ripped through him. I mean, considering we both work hard and enjoy nice things in our home – she had every right to be annoyed with the guy. He had came in to our home and bodged his own mistakes, making the entire job look like amateurs had fitted our flooring. Check out this picture below for instance…


And this one!…


I was extremely shocked and disappointed with the ‘so called rectifying’ of the problem.

The guy even had the cheek to tell Kelly and I that he’d be happy to pay someone to lay his flooring in this manner and leave silicon around the edges in this way. Kelly just wasn’t getting through to him, and he blatantly was not going to admit that the work he had done was ‘completely rubbish!’. She then told him to P off out of our home – and she had every right to considering the way he had ‘messed the flooring up even further!’

I on the other hand let everything go over my head and told Kelly that the floor fitter for Frank’s the Flooring Store in Darlington is most certainly in the wrong profession – he should be piping cakes with the way he’s left the silicone! Just look at the state of it!

I will personally be taking a trip down to Frank’s The Flooring Store tomorrow to explain that this just simply is not good enough, and to show the manager these photos and ask for their opinion on the matter… As I am an extremely unhappy customer – and so I should be!

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Decisions, decisions: shopping spree or alcohol madness?

Hi guys! Well I hope you all had a fantastic bank holiday? Unfortunately I’ve been so busy the passed week that I haven’t been on here much, and I do apologise!

So pressing on. Unfortunately I don’t drink, so when my mates decided they were all hitting Newcastle for ‘bank holiday drinks’ etc, I decided to spend my money on other things. Ive been needing some new clothes for quite some time (I mean it’s not everyday you wake up and realise you’ve piled 4 stone on – and all them designer threads no longer fit) so Kelly and I decided to trek through to Middlesbrough for some well deserved retail therapy, as there was nothing in Darlington!

We had a right fab time looking around numerous shops and I just couldn’t resist browsing the home department of every store we entered. Call me sad, but I actually enjoy looking through fabric throws, textured cushions and anything touchy feely! The bath mats I forced Kelly to buy are desirable – I love their shabby finish, black design and twinkle threading which really sets our bathroom off once the light catches it.


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Decisions decisions: Nautical or teal stripes?

For our spare bedroom, Kelly has decided on white wooden furniture. I love white bedroom furniture as it tends to make a bedroom look clean and fresh, and it’s bound to look amazing against the striped teal wallpaper we’ve seen for our statement wall.

The initial thought I get when I think of white wooden furniture is ‘nautical’. Nautical is proving to be highly popular within home interiors, and there’s always lots of nautical design ornaments available in home interior shops.

In our spare room, we will be steering away from the nautical designs and inviting splashes of teal in to the bedroom decor. I can’t wait to crack our paint open and get started with this one.

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Picture frame gallery challenge

Well yesterday after searching Google for inspirational wall art ideas, as you do when your supposed to be hard at work, I came across some great picture frame gallery ideas – the type which feature various size frames arranged in a modern styled way. I love the funky design patterns you can create which such an idea.

My only problem now is convincing Kelly to part with our beloved New York Canvas!

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