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Keep Calm 4×6 picture update!

So guys, just a quick update! This weekend I’ve been carrying out some small jobs around the flat.

You’ve probably read a few posts regarding the ‘Keep Calm’ poster which I created weeks ago – well, I’ve finally cut it to size and placed it in our 4×6 picture frame which resides on our Birlea Lynx bedside cabinet in the bedroom.

I love the colours which are in keeping with our bedroom decor. I also like the finished quality, which would not of been achieved had I of not printed the design on photo paper.  All we need to do now is find two pictures for either side.

If you would like to create your very own customised ‘Keep Calm and….’ poster, just click here.  Enjoy!

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HP Printer: Who da man!

At last!! I’ve finally managed to get my printer to print me a rather nice copy of the ‘Keep Calm’ poster I designed weeks ago. The paper I used what Epson photo paper, of some description!

I must admit I’m not a whiz kid on Adobe Photoshop – but I do think I’ve done a fantastic job fiddling around with the image in order to get it to a 4×6 size.

It’s going to transform that Dunelm Mill picture frame which I spoke about earlier here.

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Keep calm and ….. Make love?

So yesterday, after wondering what on earth to put in our Dunelm picture frame, I had an idea of creating something myself. I had seen on a tea cup at work an excellent idea of a ‘keep calm and carry on’ poster, and I thought hmmm surely I can do my own!

I had a quick search of Google and found a website where you can make your own ‘KEEP CALM’ poster, I was very excited!

I chose the cream background and beige text as this will look amazing in the centre 4×6 frame, and it’s also in keeping with the bedroom decor. After saving the picture and amending the size, via Adobe Photoshop, to fit the frame I am sure it is going to look awesome. All I need to do now is print the poster on glossy paper, which I already have lying around the flat somewhere – not bad for a cheap fix!

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