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Keep calm and print!!

Today, although I’m ill, I’m determined to get that ‘keep calm…’ poster printed off on to the photo paper which I have had lying about the flat for what seems donkeys years!

All I need to do is figure out the settings on the hp printer and I’m away!

I shall keep you guys posted on how I get on – might be a few hours as I’m snowed under at work with ‘designer wrist watches!’.

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Keep calm and ….. Make love?

So yesterday, after wondering what on earth to put in our Dunelm picture frame, I had an idea of creating something myself. I had seen on a tea cup at work an excellent idea of a ‘keep calm and carry on’ poster, and I thought hmmm surely I can do my own!

I had a quick search of Google and found a website where you can make your own ‘KEEP CALM’ poster, I was very excited!

I chose the cream background and beige text as this will look amazing in the centre 4×6 frame, and it’s also in keeping with the bedroom decor. After saving the picture and amending the size, via Adobe Photoshop, to fit the frame I am sure it is going to look awesome. All I need to do now is print the poster on glossy paper, which I already have lying around the flat somewhere – not bad for a cheap fix!

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