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Shopping: towels and bath mats!

With the bathroom flooring already chosen, it was time to shop for some bath mats, towels and flannels. Kelly picked up a red bath mat with matching red towels from Primark.

As soon as I finished work I went straight to meet Kelly. We headed to TK Maxx in search of some luxurious bathroom towels and bath mats but unfortunately there wasn’t much selection in the colours we so desperately desired. What use is a bold bath mat without the matching towels right?

Anyways, whilst doing our shopping in Asda we browsed the Asda home department only to find an aqua green shabby bath mat with matching bath towel, hand towels and flannels available. We also picked up a full set of bold pink bathroom towels, again with the matching flannels and a pink shabby bath mat. Totalling just over £50 we thought we did well considering we purchased x4 bath towels, x2 hand towels, x2 medium sized towels, x2 pair of flannels and x2 shabby bath mats! I couldn’t wait to get home and put a set through the wash to see how well they washed – I shall update you guys on the quality of Asda towels once they have dried!

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Decisions, decisions: shopping spree or alcohol madness?

Hi guys! Well I hope you all had a fantastic bank holiday? Unfortunately I’ve been so busy the passed week that I haven’t been on here much, and I do apologise!

So pressing on. Unfortunately I don’t drink, so when my mates decided they were all hitting Newcastle for ‘bank holiday drinks’ etc, I decided to spend my money on other things. Ive been needing some new clothes for quite some time (I mean it’s not everyday you wake up and realise you’ve piled 4 stone on – and all them designer threads no longer fit) so Kelly and I decided to trek through to Middlesbrough for some well deserved retail therapy, as there was nothing in Darlington!

We had a right fab time looking around numerous shops and I just couldn’t resist browsing the home department of every store we entered. Call me sad, but I actually enjoy looking through fabric throws, textured cushions and anything touchy feely! The bath mats I forced Kelly to buy are desirable – I love their shabby finish, black design and twinkle threading which really sets our bathroom off once the light catches it.


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