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Divan Beds: Molly or not!?

Ok, so I know its been a while since I last blogged, I mean it has been Easter after all. Anyways, today I waited in for our bed to be delivered from Northgate Bedding Centre. The guys came and wasted no time in getting the fully wrapped Highgate Divan bed base into the bedroom. We decided to purchase a bed from Northgate Bedding Centre (aka http://www.mrmattress.co.uk) because, to be honest, I had a metal bed frame from there in the past and I never once had a problem with it whatsoever, despite it being dismantled 12 times for reallocation into the numerous houses I have lived in.

Anyways, trucking on… The bed base itself is in a mink chenille fabric (which is the finish we chose in store after seeing various samples), and I have to say it looks fantastic on the carpet. I’m not really one for divan bed bases as, previously stated, I often tend to think they are rather molly! This beauty however is far from ‘mollified’, it features four deep drawers which are perfect for storing my Kylie Minogue bed linen, should I ever get round to purchasing such bedding from Seymours – until then, my Wilko’s king size pin tuck bedding is now neatly stored away. The bed base itself seems extremely sturdy, perfect for someone like me who is in the same weight category as Mike Tyson, and the over all quality of the bed is exceptional. The Premium 2000 memory foam mattress, which was purchased with my old bed from Bed SOS, feels brand new – possibly because the new bed base is not slatted.

All in all, I have to admit that I am impressed with the level of service, not only in the Northgate Bedding Centre store, but the professionalism of the delivery men who were extremely well presented, friendly and polite. I dare say I’ll be sleeping well tonight, only thing I’m lacking now is that desirable 5ft cream leather headboard – all in good time.

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Bedding in the bag, next stop bed base!

After finding numerous ‘cheaper options’ for bedding, I am now in the process of deciding on which bed to purchase.  The bed will most definitely need to be king size, to accommodate our memory foam mattress,  and have ample storage space. 

Our previous bed, the Houston from Bed SOS, was admirable with its luxurious black faux leather finish and four storage drawers.  Obviously, with the change in colour scheme we have had no other option but to shop for a brand new bed.  Kelly has decided on a divan base, not my ideal choice, but i’ll get over it.

The thing which gets me with divan beds is that you immediately think ‘molly floral’ designs, but these days there are some gorgeous divan beds, I was most impressed.  I love the idea of deep storage space and a choice of fabric finish – I’m thinking of a kind of mink chenille finish, as this will sit lovely with the carpet, and it’s bound to look beautiful once the bedding, cushions and throws are arranged specifically to suit.  I think a visit to Northgate Bedding Centre over the weekend is in order to see such a bed in the flesh.

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