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Top tip: lining walls before you paint

Tired of shabby finish walls, and haven’t got the funds available to have your walls plastered! Ever thought of having your walls lined with lining paper?

I love lining paper! It leaves your walls looking smooth as anything. If applied correctly, you can’t even see the joins. Lining a wall creates an awesome blank canvas, and it is the perfect preparation step to take before painting them unsightly looking walls.

I have actually seen a professional decorator use lining paper in one of my childhood family homes (emphasis on ‘one of’, as we moved house at least twice a year!). As a child I asked the guy, “why on earth do you apply it vertically across the wall, instead of horizontally like normal wallpaper?”. He replied, “Because it’s lining paper”, and that was the end of that chat.

Needless to say, the walls, once lined, looked amazing. The paint went on a treat, and the finished result to the periodic built room was sensational! I would highly recommend the use of lining paper, which is available in various grades. Ask in your local DIY store if your unsure of which grade to use. In our old family home we used grade 1400, and it gave perfect results.

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What do you use as your office space?

One of the major tasks Kelly and I have been carrying out in our flat over the weekend has been the transformation of the office – which once upon a time was used as a walk in wardrobe, as it’s not really a specific room, it’s more of an oversized cupboard!

The office used to be finished in Dulux Egyption Cotton matt paint, which once looked fabulous but had become dull and boring! We decided to brighten up the office with a clean brilliant white silk paint, which was also Dulux.


Above is a picture of how the office looked before we started decorating! The office doesn’t have any natural light pouring in to it (due to it having no windows) so white paint seemed the perfect colour choice. I can’t wait to shop for a new desk, let alone see the finished result!

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