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Cooker has seen better days!

Did I tell you guys about the cooker incident we encountered recently? – I didn’t think so! Well, remember that day the washer caught fire (almost)? All that got sorted however, around four days after the washer incident, Kelly was cooking and she attempted to open the cooker door via the handle – and the handle just fell off! We were both very annoyed about this, as it seemed EVERYTHING electrical that week was breaking (ie: the hair dryer two days prior, which also (almost) caught fire as Kelly was using it – sparks everywhere!).


Anyways, with regards to the cooker, we Araldite glued the handle back on – as funds were not available for a brand new cooker at the time. The glue was great, and it held well!


Around a week, or two, later Kelly and I were sat chilling in our front room waiting for our BBQ chicken drumsticks to cook. ‘Do you smell that?’ Kelly said, around 30mins after actually putting them in to cook. ‘No, I can’t smell anything darl!’, I replied – confused as to what she was getting at. ‘Exactly, why can I not smell the chicken drummers cooking?!’ Kelly asked. ‘I’ll go and check. (slight pause) ‘OMG, the cooker has flipping broke!!’ I shouted. There was a slight sigh of relief when we realised the hob still worked, but the main oven was well and truly dead! It was three years old anyways, and considering it wasn’t Hotpoint, Indesit or Zanussi it had served us well.

Kelly had bought the Beko 50cm single oven when she first moved in to the flat, it was the cheapest best oven she could find for her budget at the time. It was time to shop for a new oven, a trip to Currys was a must!

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